The Best Hair Putty

The ideal hair putty is needed if you want a strong yet flexible hold that will withstand even the wildest hair movements. A few dollops of this scalp-friendly styling product will sculpt your mane into place all day!

Axe Styling Spiked-Up Look, Putty

Men who desire a firm natural hold will find this putty ideal. With its slightly matte finish and long-lasting flexible style without flaking, its coconut scent adds another pleasing note – perfect for short to middle-length hair lengths! Plus, it’s an economical price point!

This product is free from fragrances, preservatives, and soap/glue ingredients known to cause eyelid rashes – making it an excellent option for sensitive skin. Furthermore, its hydrating formula promotes the health and beauty of hair and scalp.

This best hair putty for men offers robust and reliable hold for those with thin or delicate locks, boasts a natural scent that won’t irritate the scalp, and makes an essential addition to any bathroom cabinet. Easy application — scoop a small amount into your fingers and rub before shaping into your locks as desired!

L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Overworked Hair Putty

Putty differs from hair gel by being thicker and providing more of a hold. This texture-boosting product is ideal for thin, fine locks, making creating fuller texture-filled styles easier while remaining easier to wash out of your scalp.

L’Oreal Paris Studio Line putty boasts a flexible holding polymer that creates texture and thickness without crunchiness or stickiness – ideal for short to medium hair and suitable for damp or dry use.