30+ Easy and cute hairstyles for simple girls

A phenomenal hairstyles for a women can characterize your character, particularly for more youthful women growing up. Most ladies and women disregard their hair and give more significance to their face and body. In any case, in all actuality, your look wouldn’t be finished on the off chance that you have an ideal face and body however you have awful hairstyle.

An alternate hairstyles that suits your dress, gems and cosmetics can be an eye snappy individual improvement for each girl. You can definitely be a similar dress at better places and events, however If you attempt these hairstyles you find a good pace go to be a crisp one, nobody would have the option to review the last time you appeared to be identical..

Braided hairstyles for girls

Long braided hairstyles are very straightforward and rich just as popular for all events. The braid is wrapper up with blossoms of two hues, looking an easygoing look. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are set for the sea shore later, this is one hairstyles you can pick. It’s the best and excellent hairstyle.

Pretty braided

These girls hairstyles are one of the most flexible, running from staggeringly multifaceted examples to basic plaits. Braids are additionally ideal for pretty much every event. Regardless of whether you’re in the workplace, at school, in the party or even a wedding, there’s a braided hairstyles that is perfect hairstyles for you.

Long curly hairstyles for girls

Long hairstyles along with curls are normally really tasteful. We can say that the girls who have long curly hairstyles are a courageous and intense one. These girls hairstyles is progressively reasonable for round shape faces.

Elegance curly styles

The long hair style consistently give you an extension to analyze your hair style with numerous hairstyles. To execute this straightforward hairstyles in elegance, you may require a curler around, so it’s ideal in the event that you evade this look on the off chance that you fear the harm that warmth would do to your hairstyles.

Updo hairstyles

A half updo girls hairstyles a good thought, particularly for an end of the week – make it cooler with certain braids on your head or in any event, going down, or make a bun or several bun hairstyles.

Extraordinary updo hairstyles

An updo hairstyles are likewise an extraordinary thought for summer, simply remember that it ought to be breezy and free, in any case the wind current won’t let in and you’ll feel blistering.

Magnificent Look

An updo hairstyles are an extraordinary method to keep your hair style off the neck and shoulders and it will keep going long. Give it a boho twist with braid hairstyles and buns, make it free to get an easily chic and magnificent look.

Twist hairstyles for girls

Whatever common hairstyle surface you have, twist braid hairstyles are a ravishing option in contrast to customary braids. Rather than an ordinary braid which utilizes 3 segments of hair, a twist braid hairstyles utilizes 2 areas of hair.

Delicate twist shape

The “twist” part comes in on the grounds that each segment is twisted alone before it’s twisted around the other segment. These girls hairstyles makes the delicate and ladylike look of the twist and keeps its shape.

Best twist hairstyles

Twist hairstyles come in all lengths and sizes, can be worn out or as an up-do, and (best of all) they’re anything but difficult to do!

Ponytail hairstyles for girls

Ponytail hairstyles are not just for the rec center. You can style a tasteful side ponytail hairstyles or a chic high ponytail hairstyles for a conventional occasion or a night out with companions.

Cool braided ponytail

Toss in a couple of braid hairstyles in with the general mish-mash and get a cool braided ponytail hairstyles to mollify a severe suit or go with a feminine botanical dress.

Weave ponytail

The best thing about horses is their adaptability and resilience to various hairstyles surfaces. Weave ponytail hairstyles are an incredible alternative for regular hair design that needs length and necessities assurance.

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Braided ponytail hairstyles for girls

Braided ponytail girls hairstyles can be worn with anything. You can wear them to formal commitment, similar to your companion’s wedding, or to your laid back end of the week trips, similar to your neighbor’s grill. There are braids and tails for each event!

Sizzling design

A braided ponytail hairstyles are a sizzling switch-up to your regular look! On any event and with any OOTD, an easygoing yet inventive braid running down your back will get you saw no ifs, ands or buts!

Side braided hairstyles

Braid hairstyles are never again the select space of prairie girls and young girls. These modern side braid hairstyles offer an girls interpretation of the great method. We have fat, shiny braid hairstyles for fantasy looks.

Headband braids

We’ve additionally got bejeweled, headband braids that are sufficiently uncommon to wear to a wedding. We’ve even got some wispy wild kid side braid hairstyles that are ideal for summer concerts.

Messy hair

The extraordinary thing about side braid hairstyles are that they are the ideal solution for a messy hairstyle day.

Long stylish hairs

On the off chance that you have long hairstyles and you don’t have the foggiest idea how to manage it, at that point why not attempt a braid one for size and switch up your look.

Bun hairstyles

The bun hairstyles are one of the most adaptable girls hairstyles ever. It has risen above time again and again to turn into a firm most loved in the hairstyling scene.

For night party

You can discover a bun hairstyles for each event, regardless of whether it’s for work or working out, for a wedding or a throughout the night party.

School occasions hairstyles

At first, they make these girls hairstyles at homes for time spends, however with time, different examples and style appeared. You can convey these girls hairstyles all over, including school occasions, evening trips, or in the event that you have any terrible day.

Best bun hairstyle design

Bun hairstyles have been extraordinary help till now for every girls. Untidy bun hairstyles are the best to convey this season in the event that you are in a rush for any occasion.

Pigtail hairstyles

Pigtail hairstyles were most likely mainstream back when you were a child… well, they’re back! Be that as it may, this time with a chic grown-up vibe. They’re a reviving change from your ponytail hairstyles that you rock way over and over again.

Long Pigtail

The sharp look has braids with long tails, giving it an increasingly grown up look with a develop feel. What’s more, the blasts look truly side cleared and stuck to the other side.

Lovely Pigtail

Pigtail hairstyles frequently get related with fun loving conduct and why not, they are so natural to execute and truly agreeable for ordinary wear!

Marvelous pigtail

We have here a rundown of super-hot pigtail hairstyles for girls and you should attempt to explore different avenues regarding them. We accept pigtail hairstyles are anything but difficult to attempt to can zest our search for a marvelous occasion also.

Waterfalls braid Girls hairstyles

Waterfall braid hairstyles are perhaps the prettiest approaches to enhance your hairstyle this spring. These girls hairstyles is a snappy and simple assistant to wear for a day at the workplace, a night out with companions or even an increasingly formal event.

Amazing waterfall braid

Strikingly girls and amazingly adaptable simultaneously, the waterfall braid hairstyles can be fused into almost any hairstyles based on your personal preference, hence including surface, volume and a beguiling point of interest to your general look.

Crown braid hairstyles

A crown braid hairstyles are your best headband. It adds explanation surface to your hairstyles that is seen from each side. You may choose a slick tight braid hairstyles or go for a thick and chaotic fishtail. Both hairstyles and half up hairstyles look staggering with headband braids.

Perfect crown braid

Crown braid hairstyles are chic and rich with the perfect measure of edge. They look incredible on all hairstyle types and surfaces. Additionally, in case you’re working in a field that expects you to be in a hurry continually (like a culinary specialist or a wellness mentor), you’ll undoubtedly need to keep your hairstyles off your face with style. A crown braid fills that need superbly.

Bob hairstyles for girls

Shaggy bounce hairstyles and layered weave hairstyles are among the all out top picks. Here you’ll have the choice to find both perfect courses of action of weave hairstyles for thick hairstyles and praising bounce hairstyles for fine hair.

Wavy bounce hairstyles

A right-picked wavy bounce hairstyles will fill your heart with delight and fix the bothering issues with disobedient twists. Present day sway hairstyles feature a couple of improvements which update weave hairstyles to the level of master looks you’ll shake with charm this season.

Side parted hairstyles

The side part hairstyles are one of only a handful scarcely any hairstyles that has endured the trial of time. The work of art and low-support hairstyles are flexible and immortal; it suits anybody and is an incredible method to style your hair.

Stylish side part hairs

The side part hairstyles takes numerous structures and compliments all surfaces and lengths. Regardless of whether your hairstyles are keen, stylish or prepared for rock, there is a hairstyles that will look extraordinary on you.

Oval face side part

The side part hairstyles works best with thicker hair; however it is conceivable to hairstyles with better hair. Like the bald spot and other easy routes, it best suits square and oval face shapes.

Center parted hairstyles for girls

Stunning center part hairstyles appeared to have been overlooked for some time. The side parts may look rather astounding themselves, particularly with side cleared plans, however center part hairstyles are thinning, modern, and consistently lead to a somewhat spotless look that gives such immaculate balance.

Curly center part

Longer hairstyles have regularly been worn with a center part whenever straightened and is surely a look we as a whole revere, incorporating with short curly bob hairstyles.

French braid hairstyles for girls

French braid girls hairstyles are immortal works of art and they’re picture ideal for such a large number of events. From tasteful undertakings at night and weddings to loosened up days around town, French braids, fishtails, and Dutch braid hairstyles will go with and supplement all your outfits.

Dutch braid hairstyles

A Dutch braid hairstyles are a three-strand braid comprising of two side segments and one center segment. At the point when you weave this braid, the center area goes over the side segments, which gives it a reversed braid look.

Transformed braid

The reason the Dutch braid hairstyles are likewise called the transformed braid. It is adjusted intently along the scalp, which makes it ideal for exercises.

Attractive Dutch braid

A Dutch braid hairstyles are commonly tight and used to keep your hairstyles off your face when you’re at the rec center, moving, or taking part in some other strenuous movement.

Cornrow hairstyles

One of the most notable girls hairstyles for Afro hairstyle is cornrows – known as canerows in the Caribbean. These raised braid hairstyles are shaped utilizing the underhand strategy. Since they’re braided so near the scalp, your skin is regularly uncovered.

Appropriately cornrows

Considered a defensive hairstyles, you can leave cornrows in for a considerable length of time at once on the off chance that you care for them appropriately and keep your scalp saturated. Far and away superior, there’s no restriction to the sorts of looks you can make with them.

Micro braid hairstyles

For certain girls, micro braid hairstyles are a pillar, while different girls simply fiddle with them. Whatever your way to deal with the hairstyles is, these ‘dos give huge amounts of motivation.

Undetectable braid

Rock your smaller than usual plaits openly hanging, attempt distinctive hairstyles and half up hairstyles or utilize undetectable braids as an opportunity to get full, voluminous curls.

Defensive style

They are made by having a bunch of braids, which are combined that spread your entire head. This defensive style is anything but difficult to keep up and is low support.

Flexible braids hairs design

The braids look ravishing and are extremely in vogue once they’re done yet can take a few hours to wrap up. Likewise, they are flexible so you can change your hairstyles every day.

Top knot hairstyles

There are sure girls hairstyles that are so agreeable and complimenting that they stand the trial of time, yet in addition end up being fitting for different events.

Beautiful knot hairstyles

One of such girls hairstyles happens to be the top knot, which is better known nowadays than it has ever been. Being extremely flexible and enormously beautiful, this updo lets you customize it in an assortment of approaches to communicate your individual style.

Half up half down hairstyles

Half up half down hairstyles are an extraordinary method to keep hairstyle extravagant without being formal. Perfect for either ordinary wear or progressively opulent events, half up half down hairstyles are extraordinary for all hairstyle types and length, continually settling on them a well known girls hairstyles decision.

Half up-half down hairstyles wedding occasion

You can brandish a half up-half down hairstyles for any event – a wedding, a gathering, or an insane move night at a club. Besides, on the off chance that you have fine hairstyle that gets oily effectively, a creamer hairstyles will be your redeeming quality.

Exquisite hairs design

These girls hairstyles are overly simple to do, and you can make them chaotic, chic, perplexing, or exquisite as indicated by your taste.

Milkmaid braid hairstyles

Fishtail, Dutch, French, twofold – anything is possible to your choices. In the event that you would prefer not to cleave off your locks however would prefer to attempt some innovative styling rather, you should look at the idea of the milkmaid braid updo hairstyles.

Slicked back hairstyles

Slicked-back hairstyles may have meanings of oily “man hair,” however let us paint another image for you.

Absolutely modern design

A slicked-back hairstyle, when done right, can in a split second change your investigate something that feels a lot cooler, fresher and absolutely modern.

Contemporary slicked back

Helped by its conventionalist roots, the slicked back hairstyles have reappeared as a contemporary top choice. Ready to be deciphered for various hairstyle types, lengths and events, the wide assortment of ways these girls hairstyles can be worn can be overpowering.

Puff hairstyles

Searching for a sensational yet polished hairstyles aren’t in every case simple. Puff hairstyles are consequently consistently the best decision as it can make more volume and thickness to your hairstyle and simultaneously, can make you look rich and a la mode.

Puff wildly hairs design

The pouf hairstyles gives your face quite a lot more character. It additionally gives the deception of tallness. It is profoundly flexible, and can be styled at the top, or as an afterthought. You can become wildly successful or little.

Long hairstyle or short puff

Regardless of your age, these girls hairstyles will clearly look great on you. Regardless of whether you have long hairstyle or short, it doesn’t matter.

The best design puff

The best part is – it tends to be joined with a braid or a bun hairstyles, or you can simply stick the puff and let your hairstyle free, and you will have heads turning as you swagger past.

Low bun hairstyles

Low bun hairstyles are an incredible alternative for formal occasions since they appear to be more cleaned than long, free strands.

Low bun scruff

A bun hairstyles at the scruff of your neck will give you allure and flexibility. Low bun hairstyles are a definitive decision for girls after a hairstyles that are flexible. The chic and smooth ‘do has the ability to take you from the exercise center to a mixed drink party in style.

Dazzling low bun

A low bun hairstyles are sufficiently basic to make at home however is similarly as dazzling as a look that is straight from the salon.

Low bun surfaces and volume

Redesign your bun hairstyles with strange braided subtleties, fun twists or sentimental pin curls, go to chaotic boundaries, and toss in a sprinkling of minor blooms, play with surfaces and volume of your bun hairstyles and the sky is the limit from there…

For curly hairstyles

Curly or wavy hairstyle is similarly alluded to as a gift and a difficulty. Curl hairstyles don’t generally settle as you’d like them to, get incredibly voluminous or basically stick out eccentrically.

Wavy hairstyles

Wavy hairstyle includes notes of liveliness and coquetry into your look. On the off chance that you are additionally honored with a decent thickness, you may depend on a hairstyles as perhaps the best enhancement in your look. You can pick an in vogue hairstyles of any length and investigation with various surfaces, famous completions, and new hairstyle shading thoughts.

Long hairstyles for girls

Delightful girls hairstyles aren’t constantly conceived at the salon. While your hairdresser might be a genius at making unpredictable braids and buns that apparently keeps awake without anyone else, nothing beats a simple hairstyles that looks substantially more troublesome than it really is.

Simple long hairs design

Here are ten simple and chic hairstyles for long hairstyle that you can make at home. Regardless of whether you’re set for a conventional event or just went to work, these simple girls hairstyles for long hairstyle make certain to draw praises any place you wear them.

Medium hairstyles

Medium hairstyles for girls are among the most adaptable, in light of the fact that “medium” can mean such a large number of things! That, but at the same time it’s the most widely recognized hairstyle length. In any case, the styles a lady with medium length hairstyle can pull off are definitely not average.

Gorgeous medium length

To exploit such potential, an eagerness to explore is an absolute necessity. Perhaps it’s an ideal opportunity to catch some girls hairstyles inspo and change those medium-length secures in a new mark ‘do.

Short hairstyles

Short hairstyles are perky to such an extent that there are a bunch of cool ways you can style it. Regardless of whether it’s for work, an easygoing gathering or a party, you can make some attractive looks with short hairstyles.

Wedding hairstyles

You will consistently recall your wedding hairstyle, so it must be something spectacular. It might be a basic yet rich wedding updo hairstyles or a bewitching half up half down hairstyle, yet you should feel it and realize that it praises your wedding dress like no other.

Lovely braided hairstyles for wedding

With wedding hairstyles for long hairstyles you can truly release your dream and attempt the most lovely braided examples, smooth polished waves, coated curls or deviated subtleties.

Half updo for wedding

Wedding hairstyles for medium hairstyle girls may likewise be styled as staggering updo, hairstyles enchanting downdos or charming half updo hairstyles.

Stunning hairstyles for wedding

Short wedding hairstyles are about surface and stunning hairstyle extras. Welcome to the classification of ravishing wedding hair, where each lady of the hour to-be can locate her optimal hairstyle!

Hairstyles with bangs for girls

Bangs for the most part go with short or medium length hairstyles that are the reason we can watch such a large number of brilliant medium-length hairstyles with bangs and short periphery hairstyles for girls in magnificence reports.

Loose hairstyles

Gone are the times of the firmly slicked back updo hairstyles. Nowadays, it’s everything about free, flowy hairstyles that look loose and downplayed, yet set up and chic. Curls, braids, side horses thus substantially more can join together to make the ideal free updo hairstyles!

Side ponytail hairstyles for girls

For girls, it is anything but difficult to make a side pig tail to get this hot hairstyles. You will have a variety of approaches to make it on medium to long hairstyle. Side pig tails are a most ideal approach to make an easygoing and chic ordinary hairstyle. It will show all the more intriguing on the off chance that you include some meshing subtleties into your hairstyle.

Curly Side ponytail hairstyles for girls

The Side Ponytail hairstyles with Curls is perfect for prom, a wedding hairstyles, or extraordinary event hairstyles. I have seen a great deal of famous people wear this hairstyle as well. I as of late wore this hairstyles to my secondary school move and it was great! In addition to the fact that I got huge amounts of praises, yet it likewise remained set up throughout the night. In the event that you are hoping to attempt a hairstyles that is basic yet adorable for girls, I would attempt this one.

Double French braid hairstyles for girls

The twofold French interlace hairstyles is having a second and fittingly, an agreeing personality emergency. While we’ve come to allude to them as what we might suspect is the best possible term twofold Dutch interlaces hairstyles they’re actually an entire fighter French ponytail mesh circumstance. This twofold French twist hairstyles follows a straightforward thought, however it looks impeccable gratitude to the multi-apparent hairstyles shading and the carelessly meshed plaits hairstyles. You can really begin interlacing conveniently and afterward go wild to get a novel look.

Twisted side bun hairstyles for girls

Bent Side Bun hairstyles is your go to hairstyles on the off chance that you are lacking in time and need to look arranged for school, work or only a pleasant day out getting things done. Side bun hairstyles are coy, fun, and female, settling on it an incredible decision for sweet, girly undertakings. The girls hairstyles is likewise simple to make, doesn’t take a ton of time nor a whole glitz group. You can do it all alone! This tasteful girls hairstyles is ideal for extraordinary events however can likewise be sufficiently easygoing to be worn to increasingly laid-back occasions. You can mess with it and toss in pretty subtleties, similar to hairstyles highlights for increasingly formal social events, or leave it easy for easygoing parties.

Updos hairstyles for girls

Up-dos enlivened from the manner in which stars used to wear their hairstyles a couple of decades back can be effectively worn at extraordinary occasions. Not just the women strolling honorary pathway are permitted to carry advancements with their vintage looks hairstyle, you can likewise do that on your prom or your big day. Be that as it may, as those hairstyles are somewhat hard to make, you have to initially utilize hairstyles care items to ensure your locks are capable.

Fabulous Updos hairstyles for girls

Every woman is continually captivated to look exceptional for the unprecedented date or event whether it is first prom, homecoming or wedding day hairstyle. It very appreciates since the hugeness that someone annexes to is looking for best hairstyle. Moreover, when they are discussing of hairstyles for such kind of events, Updos Prom hairstyles is the most cherished one.

Through a segment of its related site, anyone can examine of updo new examples picture to help pick the right girls hairstyles to suit. Whether or not it is wedding hairstyles updos, short hairstyles updos, updos for long hairstyle, or prom updo hairstyles, it has you made sure about. A part of the site is furthermore choose tips and misdirects to make the perfect hairstyles updo for your face shape, hairstyles concealing and length of hairstyle.

Party hairstyles ideas for girls

The ideal party hairstyles for all you rock chicks out there. Disregard painstakingly organized and stuck quiffs, this is tied in with being free and wild adding tallness to your hairstyles yet keeping in subject with sentimentalism by including a little delicate wave. This hairstyle look is incredible cooperated with smoky eyes or shaking up a rich dress. As you would while styling a bun, wrap your contorted pig tail hairstyle round itself keeping it low until you have made your chignon. It might be simpler to stick this as you come utilizing hairstyles sticks as opposed to kirby holds. An extraordinary tip on the off chance that you would prefer not to see loads of hairstyles pins jabbing out of your chignon, is that once you have made sure about them set up, overlap the closures more than each other. This will both secure your hairstyles further and keep your hairstyles looking regular.

With more neck areas than any time in recent memory accessible nowadays, it is simple for ladies to get befuddled about which haircuts work best with which wedding outfits. This is a simple manual for assist you with coordinating your hairstyle to your wedding outfit for an unsurpassable look. One shoulder wedding dresses have gotten exceptionally mainstream in the last scarcely any seasons, and this extremely novel neck area requires a painstakingly made wedding hairstyle. All things considered, on the off chance that you wear your hair out over your shoulders, you will wind up clouding the one shoulder detail that makes the outfit uncommon in any case. Hair should be pulled off your neck when wearing a one shoulder wedding outfit. A delightful method to supplement the unbalanced neck area is with a delicate chignon which is pulled askew to the contrary side of the single shoulder tie. It makes a satisfying visual parity to the outfit and furthermore guarantees that your hairstyle won’t shroud the trim of the dress. Keep your wedding hair gems basic and present day with this hairstyle; a lovely precious stone clasp tucked into the chignon will be great.

Top Bun Japanese hairstyles for girls

The following of our spectacular and fast charming summer hairstyles is the Japanese roused top bun. For this hairstyle, the initial step is to accumulate your hair designs into a high pig tail and secure it with a hair style tie that is generally a similar shading as your characteristic hairstyle. Presently, when you secure the horse, don’t go right with it; leave a circle. At that point fold the finish of the pig tail into the circle to frame a bun, fan the bun out somewhat, and secure it into place with a couple of bobby pins. Add an exquisite hair styles accomplice to finish the look.

Braided Side Knot hairstyles for girls

The third of our late spring hair styles, the twisted side bunch, starts with a side pig tail. At that point split the horse into 2 areas and mesh them together. Secure the twist with a hairstyles tie, and delicately cushion out the plait with your fingers for some additional volume. At that point wind the meshed area around itself to shape a bun, and secure everything set up with your preferred hairstyles extra.

Twisted Rope Braided hairstyles for girls

The fourth hairstyle is the turn rope plait, and it’s unquestionably one of my record-breaking top picks! Check out this one and I think you’ll like it a great deal! In the first place, take the entirety of your hairstyles on one side, make 2 areas, and wind each segment around itself with the goal that both are overall quite close. At that point wrap both curved segments together in an internal manner with the goal that they lock together. At long last, utilize your fingers to tenderly lighten the wind with the goal that it seems thicker and increasingly voluminous. Secure with a hairstyles tie and you’re finished!

Messy Ponytail Updo hairstyles for girls

The remainder of our stunning summer hairstyles is an untidy updo pig tail hairstyle. Once more, the initial step is to make a high pig tail. At that point spread the pig tail and supplement two or three bobby pins into the focal point of the horse close to the scalp to push the hairstyles forward. At that point utilize your fingers to delicately pull separated the principle segment of the pig tail for that muddled look. The last advance is to decorate it with a decent scarf or headband extra.

Hairstyles professional and business women

Expert and agents go for short haircuts with wide choices to look over. The most well known hairstyles in the business world are the pixie trimmed, blasts, shags, weave trim and obtuse. These rich styles are a fundamental piece of the style business today. Layered hairstyle, twists, waves, curls and updos additionally look exquisite and agile. Updos is a one single hairstyles that hangs out in all events from formal gatherings to casual social affairs.

Easy hairstyles for girls

Today everybody is occupied with their own day by day plans with no extra an ideal opportunity for individual preparing. There are numerous style that are exceptionally appealing yet require loads of time and support and thus numerous individuals neglect to wear those hairstyles. Women chase for simple hairstyles that require low support, are anything but difficult to do and give a rich look. A portion of the hairstyles that can be effectively worn in less time are weave, straightforward meshes, braids, bohemian hairstyle, French turns and layers.

Casual Braids hairstyles in summer

Interweaves are an unbelievable quest for summer, notwithstanding the way that they are anything but difficult to achieve they have a sentiment of fun and a vivacious interest. Cross sections are perfect for the coastline or peppy days in the sun, they’re furthermore one of this current summer’s key hairstyles designs. Have a go at organizing lost of little contorts and twists into a fragile and free updo. A perfect coastline to bar hairstyle, it needs heaps of normal turn of events and some surface to keep it looking unstructured and provocative.

Enormous hairstyles with colossal measures of volume is back this year. Think Farah Fawcett’s huge fun turns, Ursula Andress appealing blonde flips and Audrey Hepburn bouffant updos. Make yourself a voluminous coiff that will make you look as if you had been going in the south of France and unwinding on the coastline for the duration of the day.

Start by spritzing volumizing sprinkle all over soggy hairstyle, focusing on the roots. Blow-dry hairstyles in two-inch portions, collapsing them over a tremendous round brush to give shimmer and volume. By then take one-inch zones of hairstyles from behind the hairline and hold it tight while you use a fine-tooth brush to push the hairstyles toward the roots. Complete a generous haze of hairspray all over to set the hairstyle.