Black Wedding Hairstyles

Asymmetrical Goddess Braided Updo

Black brides can enhance their appearance with a stylish and unique asymmetrical goddess braided updo. This hairstyle features two thick braids that curve up from the back of the head, framing a birdcage veil. Add a sparkling hairpiece and genuine flowers over one ear to complete the look.

Impressive Low Bun with Braids

Consider an impressive low bun with loose braids woven through it for a sophisticated look. This hairstyle looks best on longer locks but can also work with pixie cuts. The addition of braids adds depth and elegance to the stylish bun.

High Bun

A high bun is a timeless, elegant updo for casual and formal events. Whether you prefer a boho undone look or sleek sophistication, this simple hairstyle allows you to showcase your personality. You can embellish the high bun with various accessories and decorations to make it uniquely yours.

High Runaround Braid

For a romantic and sophisticated look, fishtail braids are a great choice. Consider trying the double Dutch crown braid for a fancier version. This involves taking two small braids from each side and wrapping them around each other to form a crown. Keep the look clean and even by ensuring each strand is equal.

One-Sided Undercut

The one-sided undercut is a contrast-driven variation of the undercut hairstyle. It features a short back and sides with long strands swept to one side for an authentic and natural appearance. This style adds depth and dimension, with subtle touches of class and tapering faded sides.

High Ponytail

This unique twist on a standard halo braid updo puts the focus on curls. The retro glamour aesthetic of this hairstyle complements any dress beautifully. Pin your veil asymmetrically for added style; this look works well with all hair lengths. It frames the face and highlights makeup details.

Sleek Chignon

The sleek chignon is a classic wedding day hairstyle that pairs perfectly with a tiara and colorful accessories. You can achieve this look with straight hair or by adding extensions to create more volume.

Wild Updo

This unique variation of the Gibson roll provides volume and romance. It is easy to create using mousse and hairspray, making it perfect for a formal look with a hint of wildness. This relaxed yet sensuous bridal updo is ideal for casual celebrations.

Sisterlocks Updo

Sisterlocks can take an elegant updo to new heights. This unique updo adds charismatic flair and accentuates bare shoulders. Pair it with pearls for added glitz and glamour, making any A-line wedding gown look glamorous.

Messy Updo

Black wedding updos can be breathtaking even when worn with texture or looseness. Polished updos sometimes feel too formal, so consider a messy style like the twisted and looped low bun. This hairstyle offers a romantic and playful charm.

High Curls

Add an old Hollywood touch to your curly locks with the twisted maiden braid updo. This style doesn’t require pins and is achieved by smoothing back the roots before braiding. It adds natural-looking volume, frames your face, and is suitable for any special event or everyday wear.