How to Style Curly Hair For Females

Co-Washing for Healthy Coils

To maintain healthy curly hair, co-wash it 1-3 times a week and minimize heat styling.

Shoulder-Length Shag with Face-Framing Bangs

Opt for a shoulder-length shag haircut with face-framing bangs to showcase your waves or curls.

Timeless Bob Haircut

Bob’s haircuts complement any hair texture and face shape. Add long layers for extra drama and curls for a stunning look.

Gorgeous Beachy-Toned Blonde Bob

Try a beachy-toned blonde bob with highlights and dark roots for a captivating style, suitable for curly or wavy locks and oval or oblong face shapes.

Breathtaking Curly Bobs with Bangs

Curly bobs paired with bangs create a stunning look, especially with side-parted curtain bangs.

Versatile Pixie Haircuts for Curly Hair

Pixie haircuts offer versatility and style options for short, curly hair, from layered, textured pixies to sleek bob shapes with bangs.

Unique Messy Crop Hairstyle

A messy crop combines pixie and bob elements for a fun and seductive look, featuring loose ringlets.

Expressive Pink Hair

Pink hair is a vibrant way to express yourself, making your curls appear fuller and livelier.

Blondish Brown Shades for Light Skin Tones

Experiment with blondish-brown shades if you’re hesitant about going blonde. They work well on all hair lengths and provide warmth for light skin tones.

Maintaining Salon Color with Nourishing Products

Preserve salon color and minimize damage using nourishing products like Pureology Hydrate Superfood Treatment Mask and limiting shampooing.

Showcasing Red Curly Hair

Red is an ideal color to enhance curly locks, inspired by celebrities like Christina Hendricks and Emma Stone.

Appropriate care for Red Curls

Keep red curls vibrant with extra moisture and protection using products formulated for curly hair and shielding against UV rays.

Soft and Sophisticated Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs frame the face beautifully, adding dimension to all hair lengths and textures.

Managing Curly hair with Layered Cut and Copper Highlights

Emphasize top ringlets with a layered cut and add dimension by keeping the roots darker. Choose a stylist experienced with curly hair.

Tips for Frizz Control

Cut bangs when hair is dry for optimal frizz control and use products like SheaMoisture Papaya