Hairstyles For 4c Natural Hair

The days of following unfashionable hairstyles for 4c hair are over. These days it is very common to see various celebrities flaunting their beautiful locks. Thanks to a variety of hair care products this is now easier than ever to achieve a chic hairstyle that can be sported everyday. Here are some timelessly stylish hairstyles for 4c hair that will help you look and feel chic.

This hairdo is the classic style that has been around for decades. This hairstyle requires that you part your hair in the middle and tease the ends slightly with a comb or brush. You then take a section at the roots and twist them out, ending up with a sleek waterfall and clean shaven.

This hairstyle looks best when you apply a volumizing styling product. In order to avoid tangling, you can also opt for a rectangle and moisturizing conditioner. It is important that you rinse your hair thoroughly after using a styling product such as this. If you do not have a conditioner to apply, then you can use a detangling mask. Before styling your hair you should apply a moisturizing conditioner first to help seal in moisture.

This classic hairstyle is one of the most common among classic hairstyles for 4c hair. With a braid, ponytail or two-strand twist-out you can easily achieve the hairstyle. To create this hairstyle, you need to take a section at the roots and divide it into three parts. One section will be attached to the front of your head, the second to the back and the third section will be secured to the back using a small elastic hair tie or a barrette.

The hairstyle starts off with an organic curl creating a loose and bouncy mid-part. Next, simply roll up the hair to create the loose wave. A few inches from the roots tie the mid-part into two separate sections. Secure the loose part into place and turn back to create the full braid. A few inches from the ends tie in an organic curl to create the loose and bouncy Afro style.

This hairstyle is done by gently pinning the hair into place with a small rubber band. With a section at the roots tie the hair into two sections, one section will be attached to the front of your head, the other to the back. Then roll up the hair moisture evenly using a large comb or a large serrated knife to create a loose, airy look.

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This hairstyle is done by sliding your fingers over the root of the hair. This will create lift and create an airy appearance. A large serrated knife can be slid down the roots to secure the hair. This Afro is the easiest one as it does not require any products or heat. Simply slide your fingers through and out and your hair will be transformed into the smooth, bouncy, and bouncy look that we all are used to. A few inches from the roots tie the hair in a loose knot, and then again slip in a section of hair in to create the afro, then secure with a small rubber band.

Another excellent African hairstyle is created by cutting the hair straight from the root. With scissors, start cutting along the hair line, but keep away from the crown and scalp. This will result in an Afro look that has more texture and bounce than when you cut from the crown down to the tips. An even easier way to achieve the right look is to use a large serrated knife and cut sections along the hair line until the desired effect is achieved. This African American hairstyle is not only fun but it also has added benefits for your hair that go beyond simple hairstyles for 4c natural hair.