Collar Bone Hair Styles

Use collarbone hairstyles to flaunt your cultivated beauty!

Octavia Spencer’s Bob with Marcel Waves:

Octavia Spencer shows how a bob with 1920s-inspired Marcel waves can accentuate the face when the hair is at collarbone length.

Straight Line Collarbone Haircut with Bangs:

Request a collarbone haircut featuring straight lines around the neck from your stylist for an elegant yet low-maintenance style. Combine this style with bangs for an attractive but playful look.

Loose Curls for Collar Bone-Length Hair:

Achieve loose and rounded coils to create volume on collar bone-length hair—style with curtain bangs to frame your face beautifully. Use products formulated for curly hair to maintain healthy locks and reduce frizz.

The Lob:

The long bob (lob) haircut is a polished alternative to blunt cuts. It is easy to maintain and versatile. Style it sleek like Dua Lipa, or add beach waves with a center part. You can also try an ombre balayage lob for a softer touch.

Choppy Layers for Movement and Texture:

Choppy layers add movement and texture to any hair length. Opt for a feathered, layered bob with curtain bangs for a feminine yet non-girly collarbone hairstyle. The layers should have different sizes for a complete look.

Deep Side Part for a Striking Look:

Create a striking collarbone hairstyle with a deep side part, accentuating your collarbone hairline. Frame your face with curtain bangs for texture, volume, and versatility. This style is suitable for redheads with various bob variations.

Long Layers with Side-Swept Bangs:

Long layers with side-swept bangs provide texture and volume to manage collar bone-length hair. This haircut accentuates facial structure and makes thick hair appear lighter. Add highlights for dimension and caramel coloring for an earthy hue.

Blunt Cut for a Longer Style:

A blunt cut is perfect for those who want a longer style without transitioning to very long hair. Achieve uniform, straight ends at your collarbone with the help of a flat iron and heat protectant. Add waves for a beachy vibe similar to Dua Lipa and Viola Davis.

Sleek and Straight Collar Bone Haircut:

Embrace your natural beauty with a sleek, straight collar bone haircut featuring soft lines. Use smoothing cream to add shine and prevent frizz. Try a dark brown shaggy cut with side bangs and a deep side part for added dimension for an edgier style.

Florence Pugh and Barbie Ferreira’s Collarbone-Length Bob:

Actress Florence Pugh and influencer Barbie Ferreira are rocking a collarbone-length bob, making it a great way to experiment with short hair trends or explore longer locks.