Trendy Braids For 2020

Braids are what you’re searching for if you want a chic and fashionable hair idea. Not only can they look stunning on anyone, but they can also help protect and promote growth for your strands.

Box Braids

Box braids are a stylish and protective fashion statement that can be worn in various ways. Individual strands can be customized with colors to enhance skin tones for an original finish touch. Larger jumbo box braids look incredibly stunning when worn in a high ponytail. A quick spray with anti-itch spray can keep this style healthy and fresh.

Faux Mohawk with Side Braids

This faux Mohawk with side braids is an eye-catching way to show off your vibrant hair color and textures. It creates an eye-catching style that is sure to turn heads. To make this style, your hair must be semi-wet in order to achieve the bubble effect with braids that require moisture for their design. Add an eye-catching color like cotton candy pink for an eye-catching Mohawk look that showcases your style and shows off your individuality.

Long Braids with a Unique Pattern

If you love bright colors, try this long box braid style that combines different textures and hues. A sophisticated nod to George Clinton as the master of funk, this style will surely draw people’s eyes when entering any room! This protective style requires little upkeep yet makes a striking statement at special events. To maintain this look, wear a silk scarf or bonnet at night, regularly moisturizing both scalp and braids and sleeping under one.

Long Braids with a Wavy Pattern

Try the milkmaid pattern if you love braids but desire something with more flair than the typical plaits. Perfect for special events and parties! Nneoma of Natural hair Influencer wore an adorable version of this protective style by covering her long, curly feed-ins with colorful beads for an eye-catching, childish appearance. Step into your inner princess with Keke Palmer’s captivating cornrow style! Her blonde tips meld beautifully with her black braids for an exquisite ombre effect that will enchant you!

Long Braids with a Sky High Ponytail

Long, voluminous ponytails have become a hallmark of glamour at red-carpet events and galas alike. Dancehall artist Shenseea even decorated hers with wooden flourishes for a video shoot! Make a bold statement with thick and thin Ghana braids in an asymmetrical style for an eye-catching statement look, or combine cornrows and micro braids into a low bun for dressier occasions.

Long Braids with a Multi-Tone Pattern

An elegant two-tone look is ideal for creating an eye-catching and dynamic style. Mix black and white for an eye-catching color combination that flatters any skin tone. Fulani braids are an elegant and protective style that can be customized for any occasion. This charming look consists of a halo of cornrows arranged into a circular design around a round bob that exudes genuine beauty.

Bold Blue Braids

Want a vibrant blue hair color that stands out? Consider triangle braids – they work great on various hair textures and lengths while providing protection from moisture loss and encouraging natural hair growth! This lady has added life to her black graduated bob with long, thick blue braids that add incredible visual interest. You could experiment with different braid sizes for an original finish.

Long Braids with a Side Part

A classic middle part style takes on an eye-catching edge with this braid hairstyle. Adding beads in different colors or clear ones makes this look even more eye-catching and unforgettable. Try adding an eye-catching zigzag pattern to your braids to stimulate them more visually! This look is ideal for someone who wishes to sport their braids without going overboard with colors or embellishments such as beads.

Long Braids with a Faux Mohawk

Make an impressionful statement with your braids by adding color to them and showing off their beauty in this stunning style! From snow queen to punk rocker, the versatility of this style cannot be denied. Mohawk-inspired updo created with small cornrows grouped. This stylish look can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and festival attendance, from elegant dinner plans to vibrant street festivals.

Long Braids with Beads

Beads in your hair create an adorable and fashionable style, perfect for showing off your beauty without much effort. Start summer with this regal beaded braided hairstyle featuring a ponytail and two single-side braids for face-framing! Perfect for summer! Clear beads exude classy elegance. Painted barrel wood beads add even more distinction to your hairstyle.