How to Color Dark Hair With Babylights

When it comes to coloring your hair, there is a wide range of finishes that you can select. Some are bold or striking, while others offer subtle and natural-looking hues. Babylights, an ultra-fine highlighting technique, may be needed to bring out your dark chocolate mane’s best qualities. See how these vibrant ribbons of light can work their magic here.

Cool-toned balayage

Cool blonde balayage is the ideal solution for brown hair with darker roots that you want to lighten, giving it the same cover-girl blond appearance without the commitment to platinum. If you need more time to prepare for a full bleach and tone transformation, ask your colorist to incorporate subtle caramel tones into your selected balayage style. These may add an organic touch that only enhances its organic appeal. If you love the cool copper trend that has become so fashionable this year but doesn’t want to commit to something other than brassy gold, ash blonde may be just what you need. Ashy tones create a soft blend between darker hair tones and ashy shades without appearing dull or brassy; plus, it looks fabulous on wavy or curly hair textures!

Minimalistic light brown highlights

If you prefer subtle highlights, caramel blonde can be the answer. Your stylist will apply blonde and platinum shades slightly lighter than your natural shade for optimal results that won’t compete with modern loose waves to draw the eye. Mushroom brown balayage is another versatile shade, perfect for all hair colors or lengths, skin tones, and textures. Balayage highlights are an attractive freehand technique that creates a natural-looking result and requires less chair time, making them healthier for your hair. Unfortunately, however, they take longer to fade than traditional highlights.

Cool diva girl look.

If you prefer an edgier look, try this chic-toned balayage style. This technique involves playfully streaking your strands with lighter hues closely resembling the shade of your natural locks. This coloring technique is particularly effective at giving fine hair an eye-catching boost without creating texture bumps. Furthermore, its foil-free application makes the appearance of volume and thickness in curly or textured locks. This look is ideal for anyone hoping to channel the iconic character from WWE’s Total Divas, Wickie Roy (Renee Elise Goldsberry). While she may struggle with her superpowers, she knows how to look their best!

Rose gold or strawberry blonde highlights

Sometimes highlights don’t need to be ultra-bright and high contrast; for instance, a luminous strawberry blonde balayage that creates an easy sun-kissed look is all it takes. This works exceptionally well on medium-length chocolate hair and shows the full effect when combined with waves. Go for subtle variations by shimmering rose gold baby lights to give your light brown or blonde hair an alluring warm glow, without going all out with this trend. They provide the ideal way to incorporate this trend without taking it all on board. Babylights typically involve adding two to three shades lighter than your base color for an effect that works with any hair type, including red hues! Just bring an image of what you would like your colorist to replicate when scheduling an appointment.

Red or blonde highlights

Red hair with highlights may seem like a significant commitment, but there are ways to lighten it without bleaching. Ask your colorist to apply cool brunette baby lights for a soft yet natural look without brassy undertones; this style works exceptionally well on dark brown hair and creates a warm golden face frame effect. Spice up your look with dramatic copper balayage for an eye-catching effect. This vibrant hue adds dimension and texture to dark hair and will turn heads everywhere you go. If daring, consider opting for a grumble (gray ombre). This technique combines gray hair into your natural hue for an eye-catching ombre effect that will get everyone talking.