Female Hairstyles 2020 – Medium Length Hairstyles

If you’re searching for an in-between hairstyle, medium-length styles are needed to satisfy your styling needs. Medium-length cuts work beautifully with many face shapes and hair textures.

Fancy flipped layers

Fancy-flipped layers add volume, texture, and movement to a medium-length haircut – perfect if you want to bring some Old Hollywood glamour into your look!

Deep U-Cut Hairstyle

Though V-line lob and blunt bob styles can work for those with straighter locks, the deep U-cut is an alternative that offers greater volume and movement – perfect for those with wavy or curly hair! Hurtado advises clients to consult their stylist and request light face-framing layers for an ideal result. She stresses the importance of providing multiple images as references for what you desire from your stylist. Deep U-cuts can be an attractive style choice for those with naturally thick locks, as they add dimension and reduce weight. Consider adding long side bangs for an eye-catching finish.

Dual Ombre hair Color

Medium hair length allows for great experimentation in terms of styles and color solutions, and one such technique is using an ombre color gradient, in which gradually lighter hues fade from darker roots to more delicate tips. An exquisite blonde ombre is an eye-catching style suitable for any face shape and skin tone, including this model’s wavy locks with dark beige roots that subtly transition into lighter tones around her face. Sombre is an alternative to ombre that features bolder style elements. This model’s blue and purple colors combine for an eye-catching yet subdued effect.

Side Bangs and Fringes Hairstyle

This hairstyle is an exquisite way to add face-framing elements into any style, making it ideal for soft shag or layered bob looks that need additional definition. It works excellently on faces requiring extra depth. This fringe cut is perfect for girls who are uncertain if bangs suit them; its gentle wave gently brushes against one eye on either side, making this style suitable for medium-length hair. It can be worn with many Western dresses and gowns and looks lovely for family festivities. Additionally, it requires less maintenance than other fringe styles.

High Ponytail Hairstyle

This high ponytail hairstyle with bangs is an attractive yet easy style to manage and looks good on all face shapes. Additionally, this look complements any Western attire or dress and, therefore, makes an ideal option for dinner nights and other night events. This style is perfect for more formal occasions and works on all hair colors. Tease the crown before securing a ponytail to add volume before smoothing back the hair around your face using hair gel for added hold.

50s Classic Blonde Hairstyle

Medium blonde hairstyles are an ideal way to achieve chic and feminine styling, and this face-framing style will add softness and pair beautifully with any makeup look. For an eye-catching hairstyle, try sporting a spiky blonde hairstyle. This look is trendy and fierce at once; plus, it pairs perfectly with deep two-toned ombre colors! Try opting for the trendy balayage melt hair color style for those seeking a modern aesthetic. This trend features dark roots, which blend gradually into lighter blonde tones.

Marilyn Monroe Hairstyle

Medium-length hair has recently experienced an explosion in popularity. Beloved by fashion editors and influencers alike, this not-too-long yet not-too-short cut provides flattering options for all face shapes. Marilyn Monroe’s style is an ideal option for medium-length hair. All that’s necessary to achieve it are styling products, curlers or a curling iron, and bobby pins or clips. Begin with damp hair and create medium-sized curls around the perimeter of your face; pin these in place once they set. Add twists to the ends of your hair for a stunning and protective style, perfect for formal or casual events. This protective style adds an elegant finish.

Long Ponytail Hairstyle

Long layers have received an unfairly lousy rep after the popularity of Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel cut in the 90s, but they can look incredibly chic on medium hair. When selecting layers to achieve this flattering style, ask for seamless transitions without mushroom shapes to avoid an unsightly result. Give your ponytail an eye-catching finish with face-framing curls and a side part. Use hairspray and shine spray to help control frizz and keep it at bay. Ponytails can make for an elegant or casual style for any special event; this style looks particularly lovely for evening occasions. Tease the roots for added volume before pinning them up.