Hairstyle Ideas For Long Hair

Hairstyle ideas for long hair are an effective way to add volume and dimension. If your locks are thick, try layering for added dimension.

Chic Double Bun

Try a chic double bun for an effortlessly feminine style, ideal for weddings and nights out on the town. Style it with an adorable bow accessory for added chicness!

Twisted Bun

No matter the thickness of your locks, a bun with a twist adds a chic and sophisticated aesthetic. To recreate it, part your hair in the middle and gather it into a high ponytail twisted around itself; leave some face-framing strands loose for an effortless finish. Instead, try creating a low bun secured with several bobby pins. For added fun, use floral or rhinestone hairpins to decorate your style! TikToker Kyranikole2 gives a classic bun a modern edge by parting her hair down the middle and twisting and gathering it to form a high bun with a side puff. This chic and effortless bun is ideal for any special event, from romantic beach dates to formal events. To pull it off properly, use a quality hair spray like SACHAJUAN’s Light and Flexible Hairspray ($39) to help secure the style. Add texture with Davines. This Is A Strong Hold Cream Gel ($28) for added texture, but be careful not to overdo it!


A half-updo is an elegant style to suit any face shape or hair texture, from delicate braided styles that exude romanticism to sleekly tucked types that offer more of a polished appearance. A half-updo can also make a striking choice for formal events, especially if adorned with stunning flowers or other hair accessories. An easy and quick way to create a half-updo is by pulling your top layers into a simple bun or top knot. This style works for all hair textures; however, wavy or curly locks may find this style incredibly flattering and cute. Celebrities like Ciara have recently been seen rocking half-up gorgeous hairdos for a night out, casual day wear, or to show off beach waves. When styling this style, always remember to use a heat protectant and spray hairspray first!

Fishtail Braid

Are you searching for an alternative way to enhance your everyday braid? Give the fishtail braid a try! At first, this intricate look may appear intimidating, but with practice, you will master it. Changing the size and tension of strands added while braiding allows a range of different looks: looser fishtail braids have more whimsical qualities, while tighter, more structured braids provide a formal aesthetic. To create a fishtail braid, create two sections with slightly differing lengths on either side of your head. Next, create a crisscross pattern by taking small segments (about the width of a pencil) from one half and crossing them over into the other half alternatingly, eventually creating an eye-catching braid that drapes beautifully over your shoulders!

Braided Ponytail

One of the best ways to express yourself through hairstyles is braiding it. Ponytails are quick and simple to create while still being versatile enough for all hair textures, thicknesses, lengths of time, style preferences, and length. A braided ponytail adds a unique flair ranging from glamorous fun to intricate and meaningful. If you want to elevate the sophistication of your braided ponytail style, adding hair jewelry is a sure way to promote it, and perfect for special events or ceremonies. Refresh a plain braided ponytail into an elegant manner by incorporating lace into its design. This can make an excellent first date or casual daytime hairstyle idea. Another effective way to give your ponytail a polished finish is by tying it with a bow on top of your head. This chic style works for any special event—why not even add hair beads for more color and dimension to complete this style?