Middle Part Men Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Curly hair can be challenging to style, especially if it is long. But with the appropriate techniques and products, you can achieve an eye-catching style that’s both stylish and easy to maintain.

A fade curtain haircut can add a dramatic and bold look without making your mane too short; its easy maintenance requires only regular shampooing and conditioning treatments.

Curtain Haircuts

Curtain hairstyles first gained widespread renown during the late ’90s due to grunge music and British indie bands. Curly-haired women can still rock this style by getting longer layers from their barber and styling their curls with products for a neat and clean finish. Try the eboy variation of this style with shorter face-framing strands and fuller back length. Use matte pomade and a fine-tooth comb for the best results.

Undercut Haircuts

Curly undercut hairstyles offer an eye-catching way to showcase texture and length while showing a sense of boldness. This men’s style features longer locks on top that highlight texture and height, while the sides are shaved into low fade or bald fade fades for an edgy appearance. Opt for a middle part for long, wavy locks to show off natural curves and emphasize facial structure. A central part with fringe can give you an edgy summer 70s vibe and looks flattering on all head shapes. Combine an undercut and beard for a striking look.

Fade Haircuts

A classic fade haircut can be the ideal complement to curly hair as it balances volume on top. This mid fade is defined by a neat line shaved into the sides that adds to its masculine appeal. Slick it back with the malleable product for an elegant finish, or let it hang freely for a more casual look. A high taper fade is another style that works well with curly locks. This haircut emphasizes the length of hair on top while keeping the sides and back shorter, creating a fresh aesthetic. Use thick texturizing clay to lift and shape strands into forward-flowing forms.

Split Haircuts

A middle-part haircut is ideal for guys looking to add style and definition to their locks. The face-framing strands in front of your hair create an eye-catching shape that flatters all facial structures. This style works wonderfully on curly locks. Achieve this stylish look with a fade, leaving either longer locks on top or shorter versions at your disposal. A fade and hard part are timeless styles that work exceptionally well when worn with curly locks. Comb over the top creates an even line, and pomade can help keep strands in place.

Flow Haircuts

Flow hairstyles are fashionable among men with curly or wavy locks, ideal for many face shapes, and pair perfectly with beards. Slick them back with the product for a sleek finish, or leave the ends free to flow naturally for a more relaxed appearance. This style works well for many different face shapes. This flow haircut is ideal for medium-length wavy locks with somebody to them. Strands of hair are brushed back onto one side while the remainder falls straight down your neck, and it can even be combined with a low fade for an upscale look. Celebrities like Timothee Chalamet have showcased this cut, highlighting its effectiveness.