Hairdos For Curly Hair

A great haircut can quickly transform you from sweet and feminine into playful and seductive. A sharp pixie is an effective way to reveal your naughty side, while face-framing curls add dimension and balance your features symmetrically.

Tease your hair deliberately to add lift, then mist it with a lightweight hair spray for extra hold and security. A few bobby pins make a lovely added touch!

Faux Hawk

Faux hawks are an easy way to showcase your curly locks. While these looks work best when styled with spikey and neatly-combed waves, faux hawks also work beautifully when used with quiff-like styles that incorporate brushing up hair into a quiff-like fashion. To achieve this style, use strong hair stylings products such as pomade or wax and mold it from its ridges toward the center of your head using moldable stylers such as rollers.

For an eye-catching style, give the high faux hawk a try. While this requires more work, its results will surely turn heads! First, detangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb before tying half into a high ponytail at the crown of your head; use an elastic band to secure both ponytails together for a voluminous faux hawk that’ll turn heads!

Space Buns

This unique take on space buns is ideal for those with curly or kinky locks. By using box braids to form them, these buns create an eye-catching waterfall effect, ideally complementing this otherworldly pastel look. Additionally, this style showcases your colorful locks if they follow galaxy or holographic hair trends.

Space buns can work wonders for various hair lengths and textures and be as sleek or messy as desired. Begin by brushing or finger-combing your locks, parting them down the center into two equal sections, and creating two buns to your preference – but make sure that both buns match on each side to prevent an unbalanced appearance.

Add texture or messiness to this style by pulling out a few hairs from each bun, adding dimension and making your space buns even more noticeable. It’s an adorable and simple way to give space buns extra dimension!


Curly hair can be easily styled using the appropriate products and techniques, including braiding. Braids add an elegant flair while protecting curls from harsh weather conditions.

No matter the style you desire – be it a classic bob or trendy side ponytail – braids have something for everyone. Start by parting your hair into three small sections, braiding each tightly before tying them back up and adding an eye-catching bun cuff accessory for an eye-catching final touch.

If you want more intricate detailing, try the halo or milkmaid braid for an elaborate style. Be sure to use quality hair ties to protect against damage to your locks. Additionally, adding leave-in conditioner or hair oil before beginning braiding may be beneficial; this will help prevent knots and tangles from developing during your session.


Curls can make any occasion stylish. For long curly locks, consider asking your stylist for a shaggy layered cut featuring a round shape while framing your face beautifully with a lovely glow. Finish this look with a rich sandy blonde hue and baby lights for an eye-catching style highlighting facial features.

If you have short curls, an elegant yet effortless one-sided style can take just minutes to achieve. Part your hair into a deep side part, clip back smaller sections using trendy hair accessories, and clip the remaining hair into an elegant knot at the crown of your head. This hairstyle works particularly well on second-day hair, giving natural textures an extra volume and adding visual interest.

Add some fun and unique texture to your updo by trying a braid style that appears as though it were created by wind. Nexxus Maxximum Finishing Mist flexible hairspray works wonders to keep curls in place!