Cute Curly Cute Short Hairstyles

Curly Hairstyles

Curly hairstyles are a stylish way to show off feminine curves and natural texture, while providing an on-the-go option when time is short and styling is required. A cute curly haircut can also make an effortless statement! Ringlets can look classic and sophisticated yet still playful and seductive. Try a soft nape-length bob with side bangs that frame your face for an eye-catching effect.

Pixie Cut with a Headband

Wear a headband with a headband to add playful flair and flirtatious charm to your short, curly hairstyles! Not only is this chic and adorable, but it’s also super straightforward – place the headband over your locks and let it rest around your ears for a chic, charming, simple style perfect for special events or when feeling fancy! Perfect! If you want a feminine yet cute pixie cut, opt for a textured bob with long ringlets on either side and some highlights for added vibrancy and to showcase your beautiful features. This look works well on oval, round, and square face shapes, showcasing all layers and textures of your wavy or curly locks.

Deep Side Part

Deep side parts can be an easy way to transform your look without making drastic cuts. They work well for long or short curly locks and pair nicely with bangs, bobs, and tousled waves. This look can give off a sophisticated vibe, like that of Gigi Hadid, or it can have more of a playful tone, like Margot Robbie’s fabulous voluminous bob. The longer front layers and angled shape create an intriguing silhouette that showcases your natural waves beautifully. This look works particularly well on round or pear-shaped faces, as it makes the illusion of lengthening their features by shifting away from the center of the face for elongation. Square and diamond-shaped face types may also incorporate this style by adding bangs for drama.

Slicked Back Bun

Few styles exude clean beauty like the sleek elegance of a slicked-back bun. Wear it for anything from running errands to attending an elegant evening event; this look will have you feeling confident and put together in no time. To master this look, begin sectioning off your hair using clips or an elastic. Next, detangle using a boar bristle brush before adding gel for sleek back layers. Add extra hold with a mist of hairspray, and finish your final look off by applying mascara for that all-important eye!

Messy Texture

One of the classic curly short hairstyles, a messy textured pixie is one of the most strikingly chic short styles for curly locks. Wear your natural wave texture proudly! Add some light styling products, such as sea salt spray for men or light pomade, and tousle your damp curls until you achieve your desired style. Use this sexy bob with its complementary, more golden blonde highlight color for an eye-catching ombre effect. It is ideal for ladies with thinner locks who wish to show off their length while maintaining sophistication. Bring out your rugged side with this messy faux-hawk hairstyle. Perfect for a casual day at work or night out on the town, this shabby style will turn heads and show your wild side! Pair this style with either a side part or a loose low bun for maximum impact.

High Ponytail

High ponytails make an elegant and sophisticated statement in curly and straight hair textures, providing effortless elegance. Unlike low ponytails that may require constant adjustments for secure placement, this style requires little styling effort or maintenance to keep it looking its best. To make this style work on wavy locks, choose one featuring loose, soft ringlets that frame the face for optimal effect. To achieve a more sculpted style, use texturizing spray and comb to shape your hair before gathering it into an updo. For added volume, leave out some loose strands. Add a chic touch by highlighting your wavy texture with pops of color! This will accentuate its vibrancy and make it look more stylish.