Haircuts For Young Ladies

An important milestone in her life, a girl’s haircut can boost both confidence and self-esteem. As her mother, you can set the stage for how she sees this step of her journey as she explores styles that reflect who she is as an individual.

A blunt bob for young ladies with round faces

A blunt bob is one of the best haircuts for young ladies with round faces. Its flattering structure complements thick locks, while its side-swept fringe adds youthful character.

Long Hair

Long hair can be both beautiful and seductive, yet it can become frumpy and uninspiring if not cut and styled correctly to frame your features and highlight them.

Reimagining long hair

There are various ways you can reimagine long hair without losing too much length. You can add shorter face-framing layers or point cut the ends for that lived-in, this-isn’t-a-fresh-haircut look.

Adding highlights to long hair

Make your hair appear more lively with some bright or soft highlights by adding bright or soft tones of color. This technique is especially useful if you have blonde or light brown locks, though feel free to experiment with different colors at all levels of your locks!

Delightful double-side ponytail hairstyle for girls

Try the delightful double-side ponytail hairstyle for girls. It suits all sorts of ethnic outfits and events such as parties or family functions. This appealing hairstyle makes a statement of youthful charm, perfect for teenage girls!

Medium Hair

Medium hair length ranges from the neckline to just below your shoulders and is ideal for creating stylish cuts that suit both face shapes and personalities.

Classic medium hair bob

A classic medium hair style is the bob. It is one of the classic haircuts with soft layers for adding elegance. Try adding front highlights or going for a collar bone grazing lob like Selena Gomez for even more options!

Shoulder-length wavy shags for medium hair

Shoulder-length wavy shags are another excellent style option for medium hair. Highlighted with natural colors like honey or light blonde, this look makes an impressive statement about who wears it best. It can add depth by including darker roots to add dimension to this voluminous cut. Just be mindful that maintaining the correct balance with other features is key for success with this hairdo.

Short Hair

No matter your hair texture or type, short styles are versatile and low maintenance.

Asymmetrical bob

An asymmetrical bob is an easy classic style to style that flatters most face shapes while meeting all hair textures. Just remember to get your ends trimmed every four weeks for best results.

Bold apple cut

If you want something bolder in terms of short hairstyles, an apple cut could be your solution. This style makes the most out of thick locks by evenly distributing volume. It is especially popular among curly and wavy textures. Have your stylist add tapered layers for a more rounded appearance.

Effortless pixie cuts and Marcel-esque waves

Thandie Newton’s effortless look of just-rolled-out-of-bed style provides the ideal model to emulate for creating sleek and chic pixie cuts. Alternatively, you could add retro charm with Marcel-esque waves like Lily Collins has. Afro-textured hair can easily achieve finger coils using no heat styling tools. Just make sure to use a leave-in conditioner with moisture-boosting ingredients to keep them soft and healthy!

Layered Hair

Layers help frame your face in an avant-garde style while simultaneously adding volume and texture to your locks. They work best on straight or wavy hair types and can be cut to different lengths to achieve different styles.

Formal layered style

For a more formal appearance, you can opt to have your layers styled into side parts or middle parts with side parting for more formal occasions. In order to maintain this layered style successfully, be sure to use appropriate products like volumizing spray.

Lob haircut with choppy layers for curly-textured hair

If you have curly-textured medium length hair, a lob haircut with choppy layers could make for an eye-catching and stylish style. Just be sure to use a volumizing product on damp hair before blow drying your curls in big vertical curls for maximum volume and layers. Additionally, color can add edge; take inspiration from Rihanna who boasts a short shag haircut featuring both blonde curly layers as well as texturized layers – which creates an eye-catching and trendy style!