Haircuts For Coarse Wavy Hair

Finding the ideal haircut for thick, wavy hair is critical to maintaining its volume without looking bulky or unruly. By doing this, your locks will feel full without feeling heavy or unmanageable.

Collarbone-length bobs

Collarbone-length bobs are one of the best cuts to manage coarse, wavy hair. This style will highlight your face shape while framing its waves for an exquisite appearance.


Consult with your stylist on strategically staggered layers for long, wavy hair that reaches the shoulder. This look will balance out your fuller locks without creating an unflattering pyramid shape; for added dimension, try going for an ombre hue instead.

Feather cut

If you prefer shorter cuts, consider opting for a feather cut to slim out heavy pieces and help conceal frizz to some extent. It also looks adorable when styled with highlights for a natural-looking, no-hassle coif.

Face-framing money piece layer haircut

If petite, try a face-framing money piece layer haircut to highlight your beautiful brows. This low-maintenance style looks equally good when dry or styled with beach spray like UNITE TEXTURIZA Spray.


Full bangs that reach the brow-line are an ultra-sexy look for thick, wavy hair. Try styling them with braids for a boho vibe, low ponytails, or flat ironed slightly for an updated modern look.

Shoulder-length style

If you are still getting full Jennifer Aniston 90 ’90s hair bangs, try opting for face-framing layering cuts instead. These subtle layers complement all facial structures well. This shoulder-length style is simply perfect for exploring different looks without risking deep regret. Add money pieces as face-framing highlights for an extra modern edge. We especially love this haircut for wavy hair when worn in a messy bun!


A layered haircut can help define and add volume to your curls, hide frizz, and add texture. Try bleaching your strands if you want your low loops to stand out more, as Rihanna did – her wavy locks look adorable!

Feather haircut

Another stylish way to wear wavy hair is with a feathered haircut. People of any length of hair can wear this popular style, acting like a bobcut while concealing frizz.

Asymmetrical Cut

Suppose you have 2C waves (loose spiral curls that border between curly and wavy); an asymmetrical cut will showcase their undulations. Your stylist can craft an eye-catching, playful, asymmetrical bob featuring plenty of choppy layers to accentuate an imbalanced silhouette while adding light balayage highlights to further enliven your look and complement natural blonde highlights in your locks.

Shaggy Style

A shag style is highly adaptable and can easily fit with various hair textures. For instance, those with thin locks might add face-framing highlights to emphasize their natural texture or boldly contrast it with dark hues that emphasize its iconic layers.

Spiky hair

To add an eye-catching element to your look, try styling spiky hair for an edge. Spiky locks require minimal gel and create soft yet voluminous waves that complement textured shag haircuts beautifully.

Volumizing hairspray

Another way to increase volume is using a volumizing hairspray like Matrix Vavoom Extra Full Freezing Spray to tame frizz and make your strands stand out. Or opt for an ombre look by dyeing your locks with lighter tones that highlight their natural shades, or create gradient effects – such as using Matrix Vavoom Extra Full Freezing Spray as part of an ombre dye job!