Salons and Barbershops Must Adhere to COVID-19 Protocol

Hand Hygiene

– Hand hygiene refers to practices like using soap and water or alcohol-based hand rubs to wash hands regularly.

– Proper hand hygiene can prevent the cross-transmission of microorganisms and reduce hospital-acquired infections.

– Healthcare workers should use alcohol-based products with moisturizers to minimize skin irritation.

– Regular moisturizing is crucial for optimal skin protection.

Face Masks

– Face masks are essential for maintaining proper face hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic.

– Consistent use of face masks can help prevent the transmission of the virus.

– CDC findings show that consistent use of masks by both hairstylists and clients reduced the risk of infection.

– An infected stylist at Great Clips served 139 clients while following face covering requirements without infecting anyone.

Clean Styling Chairs

– Salon owners must clean chairs between clients to adhere to COVID-19 protocol.

– Gentle disinfecting cleaners should be used for vinyl chairs to avoid damage.

– Dry the chair surfaces completely to prevent recontamination.

– Eliminate often-touched items and consider waiving cancellation fees for sick customers.


– Ask hairdressers or service providers if they have been vaccinated, especially for close contact services.

– The virus can survive for shorter periods on porous surfaces like hair, so maintaining good hand hygiene and avoiding direct face contact is important.

– Efforts like “Shots at the Shop” aim to educate barbershops and salons about vaccination and reach communities with low vaccination rates. They offer stipends to attend virtual classes, share information with customers, display educational materials, and host vaccination clinics.