How to Achieve Blonde hair With Purple Tips

If you have ever dreamed of having blonde hair with purple tips, you are not alone. Blonde and purple hair are both very popular and trendy hairstyles, but how do you get them? You may be wondering how to pre-lighten or bleach your hair to achieve purple highlights. Well, this article will answer your questions. Read on to learn about how to achieve blonde hair with purple tips. Also, discover what shampoos work best on highlighting blonde hair.

Shades of blonde hair with purple highlights


You can achieve a stunning look by dying your hair with a mixture of shades of purple and blonde. Purple and blonde shades look equally flattering on any complexion. These hues can either be subtle or dramatic. This style works for both men and women. It’s also a fun hair color that can go with any lifestyle. The cost of purple highlights can range from $50 to $150, depending on the amount of color used.


While the color itself is not true purple, some highlights are a mixture of pink or blue. The proportion of base colors is different from one hair color to another. A strong lightener is needed to achieve this look on dark brown hair. The hair can be set apart with a short undercut. The top section can have both dark purple and lighter purple highlights. This look is easy to maintain and will look great for years to come.

Shampoos that work for highlighting blonde hair


If you have highlighted your hair with purple tips, you might wonder what kind of shampoo to use. Purple shampoos are designed to tone the hair while cancelling brassy yellow tones. They are excellent for maintaining the color between highlight appointments. Those with darker hair should use blue shampoo instead. Blue is complementary to orange, which makes it the best choice for toning darker blondes. However, it is also great for maintaining the current color of blonde hair.


You can use a shampoo formulated for highlighting blonde hair that contains a pigment made from crushed violet. These violet pigments balance the hair and cancel out yellow undertones. The shampoo will also add shine to your blonde locks. Purple shampoos will protect and tone your blonde color while strengthening your hair cuticles. Pureology’s color extending shampoo contains a unique Triple Acid Protein complex that neutralizes brassy tones and restores a youthful sheen to your locks. The shampoo is also vegan and has an aromatherapy blend.

Pre-lightening or bleaching your hair to get blonde and purple hair


The first step in creating a contrasting purple and blonde color scheme is pre-lightening or bleaching your hair. Pre-lightening or bleaching hair will make the desired shade appear more vibrant, and it will also make the hair less prone to damage when dyed. To achieve this look, you will need to use a dye that contains at least 20 Vol peroxide. This type of bleach will lift hair two or three shades to a medium blonde. It is not strong enough to transform dark locks to blonde in a single application, and is best for those with sensitive skin.


If you want to achieve this look on your own, you can purchase a purple or blonde hair toner and apply it to your hair. It is especially important to use this product if you have just lightened your hair, because the lightening process can remove darker pigments from the strands, which can leave your tresses looking brassy and uneven. However, the process can damage your hair if you don’t follow instructions properly.

Maintaining blonde hair with purple highlights


If you’ve recently decided to add purple highlights to your hair, you’ll have to maintain your color with care. In addition to following the proper shampoo and conditioner guidelines, you’ll also need to use a purple hair mask. This is because purple shampoo contains violet tones, which will help to counteract the unwanted orange or brassy hue. Using purple shampoo once or twice a week is a good idea, and you can use it in place of your regular color-safe stay-blonde shampoo. The purple shampoo will keep your hair clean and moisturized.


To keep your hair looking fresh, you can use purple shampoo and conditioner. The violet color in purple shampoo and conditioner will help neutralize yellow tones and keep your hair cool. The violet-colored shampoo will prevent your blonde hair from becoming brassy and will keep your locks looking shiny and healthy. Always leave the purple shampoo and conditioner in your hair for about three to five minutes to work. This way, you can be sure that your purple highlights are as long-lasting as you want them to be.