Cool Layered Bang hair


Layered bangs are back with a vengeance and this is a fabulous combination with soft bob haircuts. You don’t have to cut that to the shortest you’ve ever had, you can experiment with layered short styles without cutting or trimming that to achieve layers that are very easy to style, take care of and keep looking fresh. A bob haircut with layered bangs will go from casual to dressed up in no time and even work well for those who prefer their bangs to be short. Here are some awesome ideas for layered short hair with bangs that will make you look fabulous.

How To Decorate With The Latest Walla-Bob haircut!

Soft bob styles are not only for the younger generation. For women and men of all ages, a short bob haircut, also known as a Walla-Bob, has become one of the most fashionable short styles today. Unlike the more traditional spiked up look, which is very edgy, today’s version is considered feminine and sophisticated. Whether you have short grey hair or long gorgeous tresses, a bob cut will enhance your appearance and make you feel comfortable and attractive. If you would like to get the latest wallpaper, below are some of our favorite tips for decorating with Walla-Bob!