How to Style Hair Type 3A and 3C

If your curls resemble bouncy ringlets with an approximate circumference of one Sharpie marker, chances are you have hair type 3A. For optimal care for this curly subtype, moisturizing with products designed to create uniform curl definition is best—Detangle wet 3A coils by applying a pre-poo overnight, and using a wide-tooth comb when brushing.

Long Messy Hair with Beach Waves

Type 3b hair has tighter coils with more defined waves than type 2a waves, often resembling springs or ringlets. Although dense and frizzy-prone, three blocks must be appropriately moisturized using lightweight products that don’t weigh them down too much. 3B hair can’t handle heavy styling products like those intended for coarser curl types; therefore, select products with anti-humidity and styling oils that help tame frizz and enhance curl definition, such as cream gels, styling milk and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners from brands such as Function of Beauty which contain ingredients such as chia seed and linseed extract to nourish hair while adding shine. They also provide a soft hold to define curls without making them unruly!

Long Bob with Choppy Ends

Choppy ends can help you create the ideal style for any face shape – soft or more textured, bouncy waves. This long bob with choppy ends is great for women looking to change up their color; its blonde balayage highlights and mocha roots blend beautifully into this dark brown choppy bob, creating an eye-catching contrast that flatters neutral skin tones beautifully. Give your choppy bob a touch of flair by adding face-framing bangs. Their unique, asymmetrical style will allow you to show off your creative side in an eye-catching manner. For an added dramatic flair, ask your stylist to incorporate dynamic highlights throughout your choppy bob for added dimension – it will take your style one step further!

Face-Framing Bangs and Layers

As curly hair has become more widely accepted than ever, many curlies opt for shorter cuts with lots of volume, like this voluminous bob. It can add extra volume to 3a and 3c curls while framing their face-framing layers beautifully, but it can also provide face-framing layers! Although this look can be adorable, it should not be worn by those with fine or thin locks, as a bob can put too much strain on their fragile strands and cause them to break or frizz more readily. Therefore, we advise requesting from your stylist a shorter style that offers more length at the roots while decreasing curl volume at the ends. A more manageable cut also allows regular trims to maintain your desired rounded shape while helping keep hair healthy; adding deep conditioning treatments or light-hold curl cream may be helpful as additional ways to moisturize hair and ensure optimal styling results.

Textured Chignon

If your hair is long enough to form a chignon, creating an easy yet elegant style with light-reflecting shine spray and hairspray is simple and can look sophisticated. To achieve this look, your hair must reach at least the base of your collarbones to create a complete and luxurious chignon. If it falls shorter, use a texture iron to add volume to your roots before scrunching it into a knot.

Messy Bun

Type 3a curls can be loose and easy to style when correctly cared for, yet due to their dry nature; they require extra steps to prevent frizz and flyaways. Wash with sulfate-free shampoos before air drying your strands before styling with lightweight products for styling. For an effortless yet chic style, try a messy bun. Gather your curls into a high bun, pin stray tendrils out for a faux fringe, and spray shine-enhancing hairspray to complete this chic yet effortless style.

Curly Hair Type 3b

Curly girls with type 3b hair typically feature medium-sized spiral curls that resemble bouncy ringlets. As these textures tend to be drier than other curly textures, maintaining them may be challenging without proper products and care regimens.