How Big Are Highlights in Your Hair?

Highlights are streaks of color that complement your natural hair hue or provide contrast. Traditional highlights involve foiling sections of hair and dyeing them; alternatively, balayage involves hand-painting the highlights directly on your scalp for more natural-looking growth-out. Use a bond-building shampoo like Celeb Luxury’s Viral to keep your locks healthy and extend the lifespan of your highlights. There are various techniques for adding highlights, such as face-framing highlights, baby lights, and ombre.


Foil highlights are an easy and popular way to add highlights, while other techniques like balayage or color splash can produce similar results. How closely or far apart stylists place highlights can also influence how natural they appear. For example, less-dense highlights can create subtler results that more closely emulate how sunlight naturally lightens hair; conversely, more dense highlights create a bolder and dimensional effect. No matter which technique your colorist employs, it is vital that after every coloring appointment, a quality shampoo and conditioner with bond-building properties be used to prevent damage to your strands and ensure your highlights continue looking vibrant and full of life. One way to extend the lifespan of your highlights is to switch up how you wash them; switch from hot to cool water when flying to protect strands and spread the color life. Also, try using a hair mask weekly to replenish moisture and ensure healthy, strong locks!


Clients’ hair can significantly affect how highlights appear if they change their style regularly. For instance, opting for a side-part bob instead of a center lob can alter how your highlights look. Colorists may adjust their technique based on how a client’s haircut interacts with highlight placement. Layered haircuts may lighten and blend your natural base color while softening the appearance of highlights. Traditional foil highlights involve lightening woven sections of hair before covering them in foil to isolate them from the rest of your locks. How closely the foils are spaced can also affect how bright or sun-kissed the results may appear; less spacing means an overall sunnier effect, while more can give a lighter hue to your look.


hair highlights add dimension and dimension to your natural color while simultaneously adding dimension. They can range from subtle sun-kissed highlights to striking contrasted ones, subtle or dramatic. Highlights can soften a dark frame around your face or highlight layers in a haircut. Professional colorists consider your skin tone and eye color to provide highlights that complement both you and your haircut perfectly. Their trained eyes can determine how much lightener is necessary depending on the length of your hair and use various techniques to achieve the desired result. Foils have long been used to add contrast or an ombre effect. Balayage, an increasingly popular design where colors are hand-painted onto individual strands for a lighter, lived-in look, is becoming an increasingly popular alternative. Consider at-home gloss or toning treatments as an effortless way to retouch highlights between appointments. However, since all forms of highlighting involve lightening hair, we strongly advise investing in professional deep conditioning treatments every two weeks from salons that offer premium ingredients like this one.


hair highlights and lowlights create depth by lightening some strands with lighter shades while adding depth with darker ones – giving your look vibrancy while accentuating facial features and skin tones. Foil highlights are an age-old technique, suitable for home or salon use. Your stylist will carefully wrap sections of your hair in foil so that the dye used does not spread out into surrounding strands, creating precise highlights with natural-looking results. Remember, any hair color treatment can hurt the porosity of your locks, altering how they appear as highlights. To avoid an unpleasant hair experience, only use techniques with lower concentrations of bleach or dye, leaving it on for as long as the instructions state in your box. Use at-home glossing or toning treatments between coloring sessions to maintain fresh and vibrant highlights.