Hair Tutorials For Short Hair

Finding hairstyles suitable for shorter locks can be challenging, but many choices exist! Experience an elegant rolled braid updo for a great and fun look! All it requires is some hairspray, a brush, a rattail comb, and some accessories like the brush that came with your brush to achieve this style!


A lob is an ideal hairstyle for those with straight or fine strands, creating an effortless appearance, and can be styled in various ways, including adding bangs that draw the eyes inwards. For added elegance and glamour, add some balayage highlights for extra dimension in this iconic cut.

Blonde balayage adds a natural and blended look to your hair. Additionally, it can lighten your overall tone and highlight the best features of your face. If you have dark locks, consider opting for rich burgundy hues to complement the style of your complexion.

Textured lobs create an effortlessly casual vibe when styled with loose beach waves or a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Use loose beach waves for added beachiness or add texture with a scrunchie and wear your lob in a ’90s-inspired way; celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Selena Gomez have been seen sporting this trend! This look works best on those with round or heart-shaped faces, drawing the eye directly toward cheekbones and jawline features.


For an effortlessly romantic look, adding curls can give a pixie cut the classic romantic aesthetic. If you don’t have hairspray, spray your locks with sea salt or texturizing before curling to prevent frizz.

Chloe Brown uses a curling iron to achieve quick and soft beachy waves without needing heat, using tight little sausage curls as she rakes them through with her fingers for that voluminous beachy effect. If you want the same results at home, use a 1-inch barreled wand instead.

Pin curls offer another easy way to achieve beachy waves without heat and can be done on any hair length. To create this style, section dry, brushed-out locks into two to four areas depending on how tight or loosely you want the curls, wrap each section around one finger, bobby-pin it in place, and sleep on it overnight before unwrapping and finger combing your locks for a relaxed, beachy effect in the morning.

Slicked back low bun

Even if your hair isn’t long enough for a low bun, it can still benefit from its sleek ponytail look. This elegant ponytail style looks chic for work and date nights alike! To create this style, apply a gel without silicone buildup (silicon can cause extra buildup, which makes hair sticky).

After that, use a wide-toothed comb to comb out your hair, gathering it into a high ponytail using a ponytail holder and applying hairspray if necessary to ensure its hold.

Once your hair is gathered, use a comb to tease and volumize. Next, twist one section tightly around your ponytail as you pin it in place, repeating this step for both teams before pinning them together at the base of your ponytail with bobby pins for extra security.

French Twist

The French twist is a timeless hairstyle suitable for any special event or formal function, making it the ideal style to dress up your locks for formal occasions. To achieve this style, follow these steps. First, comb through your locks using a fine-tooth comb before gathering them into a low ponytail with pins to secure their position. Finally, connect it all further using some bobby pins so your style won’t unravel before hitting the dance floor!

If your hair is thin, achieving a classic French twist may not be possible. To add volume and texture, try texturizing irons like Sam Villa Texturizing Iron; alternatively, you could also try volumizing mousse to achieve fuller locks.

Try this playful combination of braids and French twists for an updo that exudes a playful personality! Ideal for women with limited time for styling their hair but still require something elegant for an event, this look provides a quick solution for creating sophisticated updos that take little time to achieve.