Most Popular Curl Patterns of Human Hair Wigs for Women


Straight human hair wigs are a must for almost all wig wearers, but wig wearers definitely don’t just wear straight human hair wigs, they usually try some other curl patterns. Let’s summarize which curl patterns are preferred by wig wearers and hope this can help wig beginners to some extent.


Body Waves

In addition to straight hair, body waves is the most popular curl for women when wearing wigs. The S curl pattern of body waves looks voluminous and attractive, exuding youthfulness. If you want to switch freely between straight and wavy hair, body wave wigs are the ideal choice.


Deep Waves

Deep waves have less curvature than body waves and look very neat and delicate, giving a romantic look that is more suitable with delicate clothes. If you comb deep waves away, it will look fluffy and give the appearance of a lot of hair volume.


Water Waves

Water waves are also a popular trend. The curls are positioned in a way that they are facing opposite to one other, which helps single out each curl. Water waves give the wig super defined curls with an almost wet look. They’re also great for volume as well so, if you want that fuller look water waves are a good option.


Loose Waves

Loose waves are larger in length than body waves. Loose waves are best for those looking for bounciness and a complete look. Loose waves have more volume than body waves. Not too tight, not too straight, many women love the curl pattern of loose wave hair.It will looks like more natural and fluffy.


Deep Curly

Deep curls are tighter than deep wavy curls and they look very cool and natural. Deep curls add a lot of body to your hair and create a funky curly look that is everything but boring. Add deep curls if you have naturally curly hair but not enough length and thickness, or if your curls are damaged and hard to set.



Yaki hair is coarseand looks like Africa-American or Afro Caribbean hair with micro kink. Wearers usually want the yaki wig hair to blend well with their own hair. Yaki hair is more bulky than silky straight hair. Wanna light weighted hair but still look fuller, try yaki straight hair wigs.



Kinky hair is Afro-textured hair in a tiny, angle-like helix shape. Kinky hair looks even more bulky than yaki hair. There are kinky straight hair and kinky culry hair. Compared to kinky curly hair, kinky straight hair weave has less curls. Kinky curly hair has a torsion twist while normal curly hair is simply a spiral or wave.



Believe or not, people say that the samller the curls are, the younger you will look. But the samller the curls are, the more difficullty to maintain the hair in daily use.Straight hair and body wave hair are the most safe ones for everybody. The best way to figure your own ideal curl patterns for wigs is to try them by yourself because of different face shapes and complexions and other features.