Hair Tracks

hair Tracks are cornrow braids used as the basis of your hairstyle, protecting original locks from external factors like dirt and tangles. This style is ideal for people with damaged or thin locks. This versatile hairstyle can serve many functions and is often chosen by women looking to add length. Additionally, its versatility and ease of styling make it a favorite option.


Though hairstyle trends come and go, braids have been part of culture since 3500 BC. Braid styles can indicate status, ethnicity, or religion while providing protection and self-expression to many women of color. While braiding braids have various styles, one popular approach is a high ponytail. This look draws the eye upward, lengthening your face and emphasizing cheekbones. This look is suitable for any occasion and works perfectly with various hair accessories!

Box braids are an ideal protective style for those with long locks. Constructed using stitch-in knots, these waist-grazing braids can be dyed to match your natural hue or accessorized with beads for an eye-catching style. Popular among black women, box braids often pair nicely with bob or bang styles to conceal any untidy strands not in braids; At the same time, this protective style can also be worn differently than usual: from the traditional middle parting class through four feed-in braids on either side – ideal for anyone with long locks!


Weft hair extensions are one of the most widely-used styles of attachments available, often hand-tied or machine-sewn by artisans and available in a range of colors. Their construction makes them more durable than other forms of extensions; however, regular maintenance should still be observed to maintain optimal performance – for instance, avoiding using hot styling tools on your locks while sporting wefts installed; otherwise, they may pull at your natural locks and eventually fall out faster or look uneven.

If you have a colored weft, selecting one to blend seamlessly into your natural hair color is vital for optimal blending. A hair extension specialist or color match wheel are excellent resources when selecting an ideal hue. When installing wefts, it’s also essential to visit a licensed hairdresser. They should be able to assess your head and scalp and recommend the perfect style. If headaches or tightness arise due to tightening of hairstyle, then switching up is in order.


A needle is a long, thin, and sharp implement used for puncturing materials used for sewing, embroidery, acupuncture, tattooing, body piercing, medical injections, or sutures; it may also be used to form loops such as knitting and tatting. Needles are usually represented by two factors: either their number (usually in millimeters) or by their eye size, with an eye increasing as its number decreases. As is generally the case, larger eye sizes correspond with lower number designations.

hair track needle kits reduce frustration, save time, and are easy to use while improving health for both the weaver and client by preventing transmission of HIV, Hepatitis, Ringworm, or lice through dirty needles. Furthermore, pre-threaded and knotted hands make installing hair tracks faster, while their variety of lengths, widths, and styles allows faster installation times than straight needles alone.