What is a Pompadour Style?

The best way to achieve a pompadour style is to take it to a barber. The stylist should have a photo of the finished look to refer to. Generally speaking, the pompadour is large at the front and close to the sides, and combed neatly back to form a point at the back of the head. To achieve this style at home, you will need a styling product, a vented brush, and a hair dryer. The pomade will help whip that into shape and hold it in place.


If you have thick, curly, or wavy hair, then a textured pompadour is for you. This style swaps the high shine of the classic pompadour for a matte finish. You’ll use a pomade or texturizing paste to create this look. You can do this look by hand or with a blowdryer, but it is best to use a hairspray to keep it looking great all day.