Hair Styles For Men With Curly Hair

Men with curly hair often struggle to control its natural texture. With proper haircut and styling techniques, however, your ringlets can create an eye-catching style that will turn heads.

Medium-length curls can be styled into different looks, from a polished pompadour to an unruly mop top. Try styling it with either a high fade or undercut for added contrast and visual interest.

Taper Fade Blowout

Men with naturally curly locks may use this style to add structure and volume to their haircut. It features a low taper fade that shortens length around the neckline and an inward curled to one side style, which can be twirled firmly for an eye-catching entire, textured appearance.

A taper fade is an eye-catching combination with any haircut, but it really stands out with curly cuts. The curls on top will pop against faded back and sides that have been flagged to skin level for an eye-catching contrast that looks smart and stylish, both casually and formally.

Achieve this look quickly at any barbershop; bring photos to help your barber understand precisely what you want. Wear your curls with matte pomade to add texture and make them stand out more.

Mullet Mohawk

This style works wonderfully on curly hair and can be an eye-catching statement piece. With its high contrast look, this cut draws attention to your curls while at the same time complementing men with receding hairlines or thin crowns – pair it with a temple fade for an eye-catching combination!

A mullet haircut is a timeless classic with short sides and back, long tops, and tapered fade. Regaining popularity, this look allows more options when styling curly locks – particularly those with naturally oily strands – while creating volume at the roots. Pair it with taper fade or neatly trimmed facial hair for an elevated finish.

Layered Cut with Waves and Curls

For an appealing feminine look, opt for shoulder-length curls. This length will keep your locks manageable while creating an effortlessly chic style suitable for wear throughout the day or night. Pair this look with a low taper fade haircut to showcase its natural pompadour of curls; use the light paste as needed to maintain the shape of the rings.

If you have long, wavy hair, adding layers can give it fullness and frame your face beautifully. Ensure your stylist understands your texture before adding light layers that frame it – those with broader face shapes benefit more from longer lengths and heavier layering.

If you have fine hair, it is wise to avoid too many layers as this will result in a flat look. Instead, opt for lighter layers with volumizing spray.

Taper Fade with Short Bangs

Men with curly hair can achieve an eye-catching, trendy look with the taper fade hairstyle. This hairstyle includes an undercut on the sides and back of the head, longer top hair that has been tapered down to an undercut, curled bangs that appear fuller than usual, and easy maintenance requirements that allow this style to suit any event or situation.

If your curls are tighter, consider asking your barber or stylist to add some heat styling to produce more voluminous coils that will be easier to manage throughout the day. Doing this may also help them stay in place more securely!

Los Star Cuts’ burst fade is enhanced with an original hair tattoo design for an artistic twist that can be worn for any special occasion.

Textured Curls with an Undercut

An undercut is ideal for men with curls because it creates stylish contrast, making the top of their locks appear polished and masculine. This design employs a tight taper fade to keep the sides and back short while leaving long locks on top – this looks especially great when worn alongside a beard or mustache!

This style features textured curls with uneven, messy waves that add character. Shaved lines on the side help give this look extra definition – ideal for men looking for a sleek yet rugged style.

This stylish hairstyle can easily be achieved for almost every event and occasion imaginable. A bit of product will give you a stunning, tousled barnet ready for anything.