How to Style Brown Hair With Chunky Highlights

Chunky highlights can add dimension and dimension to your natural brown locks, creating an eye-catching style. They come in all shades, from subtle to dramatic.

For vibrant hues, your stylist must first lighten chunks of your hair to prepare the way. As this process may cause damage, only attempt this look if your locks are healthy.

Bright and Bold

Chunky highlights differ from hairstreaks because they take larger sections to produce high-contrast highlights that stand out against hair color. Look at this shoulder-length brown bob dyed with blonde face-framing highlights to understand our point!

Opt for an on-trend and eye-catching hue, such as chocolate brown with strawberry blonde highlights, for an eye-catching and captivating style. Warm shades add subtle depth to dark strands, while blonde hues lift your skin tone for an eye-catching appearance.

If you want something bolder, consider copper with bold chunky highlights. This cool-toned shade works wonderfully on brown hair while also working great on black strands – ensure that a brass-fading shampoo is used regularly to avoid yellow or orange tones developing!


Choose blonde shades that create an understated contrast between their brunette base color and your desired blonde highlights for a natural highlight look. Consider adding caramel for an earthy undertone, or use these highlights to frame your face or add beachiness to a bob cut.

Add some funky personality to your style with chunky highlights in a blue hue. Blue is perfect for dark hair and adds an eye-catching accent to any manner! Or go with more subdued shades like the brown one featured here.

Have your stylist lighten a section of face-framing locks to achieve this look. To prevent skin staining while lightening, apply petroleum jelly around your hairline before beginning the highlight process.


If you want a bold hair change without going full-on platinum, opt for dark brown with chunky blonde highlights – the contrast is striking yet subtly enough that you will still look sexy and sophisticated.

Chocolate brown hair makes an excellent base color for any highlight style, and when combined with chunky blonde highlights, it becomes even more eye-catching. This gorgeous color combination works beautifully on all textures but exceptionally well on straight strands that lack dimension.

If you love copper hair, show this image to your stylist so they can create this chic style during your next salon visit. The vibrant, chunky highlights look gorgeous against wavy brown strands and frame your face beautifully.


Strive for the striking zebra look by adding short stripes of milky blonde to your dark brown mane in short lines of milky blonde highlights. This hot and exotic contrast highlighting will surely add some wildness to your locks, while those who want something less dramatic can request their hairstylist create a a more gradual zebra ombre.

Chunky highlights have become trending in 2023,, and celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian West, and Dua Lipa favor them. But instead of the 90s version that featured stripes of color on your hair strands, modern chunky highlights feature ribbon highlights running through all your strands for a unique look.

Try incorporating platinum blonde chunky highlights on black hair for an impressively unique style, especially when worn wavy or curly. They look especially great!


Add chunky blonde highlights to your brown hair for an instant warm boost and to accentuate the features of pixie haircuts. Just be sure that the hues remain cool-toned by using blue or violet shampoos to prevent brassiness!

Icy blonde highlights can make an eye-catching statement, with their intense hue and cool or violet undertones. These highlights look best on naturally light to medium brown locks with warm undertones.

Chunky highlights were popular among celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson during the 90s and 2000s when Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson wore them with pride. These highlights can look fantastic, both straight haired or wavy hair, so ask your stylist to create a face-framing balayage or ombre style using brown and blonde shades as part of a face-framing style for best results.