How to Style Long Men’s Hair

Maintaining long, curly locks can be tricky. But with proper guidance (and some quality products), even unruly ringlets can be managed – ask Kit Harrington or Entourage star Adrian Grenier!

Straight Curls

Men with straight hair can still achieve a curlier look with the proper products and techniques. All that is necessary for this transformation are essential products, a quality blow dryer, and regular practice to get their locks to bend naturally into curls. Furthermore, washing it more than twice weekly to avoid stripping the rings of their natural oils will do just fine!

Men’s salt spray can be an invaluable styling aid for curly locks. The best products contain sea kelp extract and lightweight polymers to provide texture, definition, and hold. Start by applying a heat protectant spray and then with sea salt texturizing spray. Next, dry your hair on lower heat settings using either a curling wand or flat iron to create loose, bouncy curls. Finish it all off by applying strong-hold hair products for added hold.

Short Curls

Long locks offer more wiggle room to be styled into various eye-catching looks, while short curls may prove challenging to tame. Longer-length hair provides ample opportunities for styling experiments that add dimension and dimension. Circles around cheek-to-shoulder length can easily be managed using suitable products for a polished yet rugged appearance.

Apply a small amount of pomade or styling gel to damp hair and allow it to air dry or blow dry on low with a diffuser, using your fingertips to scrunch it back together for even more texture and definition in your style. Use scrunching motions with fingers for even greater control in product distribution for an enhanced style! If you need more time to get ready for an extreme fade haircut, try this shorter version that keeps the hair on the sides noticeably faster than on top – providing you with an ideal foundation upon which you can create any variety of men’s curly hairstyles.

Side Part Curls

Long curly locks can give your look an unrefined, rugged quality that embodies your adventurous side. Braids, dreadlocks, and other creative faces showcasing your wildman appeal perfectly accompany this hairstyle. Try styling those natural curls into an eye-catching side part with taper fa to highlight them more effectively. This cut removes sides while leaving enough length at the crown of the head to emphasize those natural coils.

Curly hair care can be challenging, particularly as it often has dry ends. Utilizing moisturizing shampoo and conditioner like Dove Men Care Hydration Fuel 2-in-1 Fortifying Shampoo will help your curls remain soft, manageable, and healthy. A styling pomade can also create sleek looks like flip-out ends or brush-up crowns.

Long Curls

Long curly hair is a splendid gift from nature, giving men an aesthetically captivating and striking appearance. However, maintaining the health and vibrancy of its coils requires special care and styling expertise to maximize its unique qualities and allure.

One way to showcase those long curls is by tying them in a low slicked-back ponytail. To achieve this look, apply volumizing gel or hairspray on dampened hair and work it through until all curls have been evenly distributed. Once this step has been completed, create a side part and lift your fringe at the front for a stylish and casual look, ideal for casual workdays and leisurely weekends with friends.

Semi Waves

Long curly hair may feel unruly at times, but proper styling can become an elegant style statement. Try sweeping your curls to one side for a rugged yet polished appearance – grade-one cuts across the back and sides are needed, while you should let chin-length locks grow naturally for added interest.

This style stands out as it offers equal texture from top to side and features an unassuming lineup shape, making your curls stand out even further. Combine this look with others, such as slick back or quiff hairstyles, to customize it to your tastes; twists or dreadlocks may even enhance its intricate aesthetic!