5 Cool hair Styles For Ladies: Braids

Braids for Summer: Style and Protection

Braids are an excellent accessory for the summer, offering both style and protection. From knotless braids to fishtail braids, there are numerous styles to choose from. Celebrities like Issa Rae and Lizzo have rocked sleek side braids and elaborate crown braids for a polished and eye-catching look.

Braided Updo: Classy and Low-Maintenance

For any formal occasion or photoshoot, a stunning halo braid can add a touch of class. Snip a few bang strands and let them fall on one side for this beautiful updo. If you prefer a low-key style, try pulling your box braids into a low chignon or ponytail. You can even add a hair pomade for extra shine. Embrace your personality and style by embellishing with braid wraps, flowers, or vibrant-colored extensions.

Braided Bob: Fun and Fashionable

The bob is an iconic hairstyle that braids can make even more stylish. Create wheel patterns, wrap your braids around your head, or add color for an eye-catching finish. This style works particularly well for women with Afro textures seeking protection while staying fashionable—transition into summer with a brown-toned bob and beautiful pastel braids that reach the bottom. You can accessorize further with cords and cuffs for a unique touch.

Braided Ponytail: Elegant and Eye-Catching

Give a classic ponytail a sophisticated makeover by adding braids. Choose a lace-like braid at the crown for a feminine touch, or go bohemian with beads. Try two half-braided ponytails using Dutch or fishtail braids if you have long hair. For shorter locks, volumize with extensions and French or Dutch braid your locks, adding a clear elastic band and flower clip for special events.

Braided Twists: Elegant and Protective

For an elegant protective style that promotes hair growth, try braided twists. Braid thin to medium plaits into rows along the sides of your head, leaving a central plat at the crown. Embellish with beads or rings for an eye-catching finish. Flat braids resembling cornrows can be incorporated into an updo style for a trendy look. Customize your style with various lengths, thicknesses, and embellishments like beads and wires. Celebrities like Erica Ash and Zoe Kravitz have rocked this style with unique touches.