Marine Haircuts For Men

Marine haircuts offer a classic and simple style for men that can be enhanced with a mustache or beard. Requiring minimal upkeep, marine cuts look fantastic on any male. This high-tight style features short sides and back that fades to half an inch at the crown, and requires occasional maintenance with gel to keep its structure.

Skin Fade

Skin fade hairstyles are among the most striking fades for guys with natural looks, transitioning seamlessly from short to long locks. Perfect for natural-minded guys with short to medium-length locks and complementing many styles such as Caesar taper cuts or French tops, wear it alongside beards to complete this dapper ensemble and look smart no matter the occasion! The high skin fade is similar to the low fade, yet more hair is revealed, making it ideal for guys with thicker or fuller locks. It works well when worn with beards or straight hairstyles and makes an especially striking statement when combined with a pompadour or quiff style. The burst fade is another eye-catching option for skin fades. Beginning at the natural hairline and gradually tapering into dense hair areas around it, creating an exciting silhouette. Best suited to wide face shapes with thick facial features or messy tops.

Crew Cut

Made famous by celebrities and regular guys alike, its popularity lies in being in between longer natural locks and an all-out buzz cut – which makes this style so appealing. The crew cut is an adaptable style that suits various preferences and face shapes. If you prefer harder nodding haircuts, have your barber create a low fade, then add volume by applying pomade for added book and matte finishing on the top layer. For an effortless casual style, opt for a textured crew cut. This version of the classic amount can easily be transformed into quiffs, pompadours, and comb-overs by adding drops of texturizer like GATSBY Inside Lock Natural Lift to give texture to the hair.

Faux Hawk

This marine hairstyle resembles the mohawk but with more natural flair. The sides and back of your hair are shaved close, while it has longer layers on top for optimal performance. Perfect for those with curly locks, this style allows you to spike or comb it down, depending on your preferences. The faux hawk is another versatile style and can even be combined with a skin fade for added drama. To achieve optimal results, ask your barber to shave down both sides and back of your head to stubble, leaving enough length on top to create small spikes. The short faux hawk is an easy and fashionable military-inspired hairstyle to maintain and suit most facial structures. To achieve it, spray texturizer on your locks, tease out roots, and apply gel or pomade to keep it in place.


Fohawks are an excellent way for men who wish to add an eye-catching element to their style. Combining short hair swirls with beard and mustache hairlines creates an eye-catching style that exudes subtle rugged machismo; additionally, it is suitable for receding hairlines who wish to avoid more radical cutting methods. If you have long hair, a windswept fohawk can be styled by randomly spike-spiking the top part with gel. This look is natural-looking and striking, blurring the lines between faux hawk and pompadour styles. Perfect for guys with more rebellious faces; an excellent option when searching for an edgy style to suit any event; also great if your locks contain curly locks – their texture will look great with this fohawk, sure to turn heads at parties or events alike!