Hair Relaxer Cream

Relaxers are chemical products designed to chemically untie disulfide bonds that hold the hair straight for eight weeks or more. However, they can leave behind burns on the scalp, which could eventually cause traction alopecia and hair loss. To prevent irritation and burns, simple precautions should be taken.

No-Lye Relaxer

No-lye relaxers offer advantages over traditional relaxers. They have lower pH levels that protect the hair against damage and breakage, and shea butter and coconut oil to nourish strands for soft, silky locks. Protective pre-treatments and comprehensive instructions ensure safe and efficient usage.

Lye Relaxer

Lye relaxers contain sodium hydroxide, quickly straightening hair by breaking down disulfide bonds responsible for its curly structure. Professional stylists should apply lye relaxers as misuse may cause scalp irritation, burning, or damage. ORS has developed their Olive Oil Built-In Protection No-Lye hair Relaxer system to safeguard your locks. It features unique ingredients that neutralize scalp pH levels and an applicator cap for easy application. This relaxer provides smooth, soft waves with excellent shine.

Extra-Strength Relaxer

The ORS Olive Oil Built-In Protection Relaxer system infuses hair with moisturizing olive oil to protect strands while relaxing, preventing scalp burns. It leaves hair softer, stronger, and with an impressive shine finish. This no-lye hair relaxer system includes everything needed for a practical application. The formulation ensures silky-smooth straightening results while keeping hair healthy-looking. Different strengths are available to meet different hair types’ needs.

Color-Treated Relaxer

When coloring or lightening hair, using a relaxer safe for colored-treated locks is crucial to avoid damage and breakage during relaxing services. This no-lye relaxer is specially formulated for fine, color-treated hair and can be safely used on previously relaxed locks. It quickly smooths coarse, frizzy locks while improving texture for healthier-looking, sleek results. The relaxer features an ultra-moisturizing blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, honey, and Polyquaterium-6.


Hair texturizers loosen curls and waves using lotion or cream with an activator, similar to relaxers. They restructure each strand and alter its amino bond structure. Texturizers benefit people with curly or kinky hair who are afraid to relax due to potential damage. They are also helpful in combining natural curls with straighter or wavy styles. It is best to seek professional help when using texturizers, and regular touch-up sessions are essential to avoid damage or premature breakage.