Hair Mask For Dry Hair

Your hair could benefit from a mask to add volume and shine, protect against split ends, revive color, or control frizz. A show may even help prevent split ends from splitting out! Many of the most effective hair masks for dry hair contain nourishing ingredients like olive oil, which has high concentrations of squalene. Other options for improving dry tresses may include soothing aloe vera gel, anti-inflammatory bananas, or eggs rich in proteins to strengthen individual strands.


When your hair is particularly parched, a deep-nourishing mask from Aveda is a surefire way to restore moisture and control frizz. Boasting an organic blend featuring shea butter, buriti, and pomegranate oil that promotes scalp circulation while combatting dandruff could even help reduce it! Philip Kingsley offers this quick hair mask explicitly designed to treat color-treated locks prone to breakage and dryness, such as color-treated locks with dye treatments such as mehendi. Yogurt, bananas, carbohydrates, and vitamins A