The Best Male Hairstyles

The timeless and classic men’s haircut known as the comb-over has long been one of the most elegant options for formal and casual events. Its shorter sides and back can be shaved off or faded, making this versatile style easy to manage and wear-resistant. Showcase your cowlick by styling it spiky, messy, or sleek and neat using some hair gel. This style works for most hair textures but works particularly well on those with round faces.


The classic comb-over is an effortless combination of manliness and elegance, suitable for men with any hair texture and ideal for those with thin or widow’s peak hairlines or widow’s peak widow’s peak widows peaks. Additionally, this style works wonderfully when combined with low-taper fade haircuts like those offered by Ghent-Kilmer.

Men looking to add some flair can try this voluminous style with pompadour fade and trimmed facial hair for an eye-catching, refined appearance that will turn heads. If you prefer something subtler, opt for a comb-over cut with a mid or low fade. This variation places the fade transition at a lower position on both sides, creating an easier change in your top hair.


The blowout is one of the most versatile male hairstyles, offering easy styling for people of different hair textures. It features short sides and back with longer lengths on top and can be styled using gel or pomade to achieve soft, textural waves or spikes like Pauly D does!

The comb-over is an adaptable hairstyle for men that can be tailored to any preference, including adding modern elements like a fade. It creates an iconically masculine appearance while covering up widow’s peaks or receding hairlines and working well with various styles such as crew cuts, pompadours, or even slicked-back haircuts.

Mid-Length Afro

Men with curly locks should try the Afro hairstyle, which is currently on-trend and easy to maintain with regular trimming sessions every six to eight weeks. For an updated twist, add color to your fro.

A crew cut is an effortless style for men who want their hair short on the sides and back but longer in front. Popular among celebrities like Bradley Cooper and Robert Downey Jr., this look can easily be maintained by any barber or salon professional and also works great for those with thinned locks.

Man Bun

The man bun is an iconic hipster hairstyle popular among hipsters and celebrities. This hairstyle consists of a high ponytail or bun tucked beneath the crown of the head and looks especially striking when combined with a full beard or stubble.

The comb-over is an iconic men’s haircut that adds volume and suits most hair textures while being adaptable enough to meet personal preferences, such as by including or not including a fade.

Skin Fade

With its surgical precision and precise detail, the skin fade has become an iconic staple haircut among men who wish to stay contemporary and sleek. Wavy locks, in particular, benefit from this style as it amps up curls while creating depth in each strand.

This pompadour with fade is an ideal example of modern pompadour styling, featuring an eye-catching contrast between the voluminous top and faded sides to draw attention to both beard and tussled locks while maintaining a classic appearance.

Adding a skin fade gives A classic crew cut an exciting modern edge. This will help provide the hairstyle its signature contemporary style and help it stand out among other similar hairstyles.

Sleek Mohawk with Beard

One of the top men’s hairstyles that combine classic and edgy elements, this style keeps longer locks in the center section while shaving down both sides for a clean shave. Spike up this middle section using gel for tall spikes while completing the look by growing a full beard for an impressive appearance.

This sleek mohawk from the 1990s is an eye-catching throwback that recalls rappers and techno fans. Similar to its more commonly seen counterpart, but shorter and more precise. Wear it with a stubble beard for an eye-catching finish, and use it with thicker hair for an official, mature appearance.