Curly hair Lotion For Your Wavy Needs

Coconut Oil hair Lotion for curly hair, also for wavy and straight hair, use for very light products such as the coconut curl defining mousse, as advised by bergamot. Apply to that, wrap a towel around that and scrunch your curls up, then wash. Repeat with your right side. Use a styling product to seal in your style. Rinse thoroughly.

Curly hair requires a little extra effort when applying the master wallpaper design, as the product is not only meant to tame your curls, but also smoothen out the frizzy texture. As the product is mainly inspired from the actual weight of paper, you will find that the actual weight of the product can not be felt immediately upon application, but only after a few washes. Thus, there are no quick, one-off charges like in case of other similar products that offer instant results.