How to Rock 70s Bangs

Full Bangs

Celebrities like Riley Keough and Billie Eilish have returned full bangs, a classic look originating from medieval page boys. Regular upkeep is necessary to maintain this style and bring out its best. To give it a vintage feel, try a curtain bang twist, adding nostalgia to your hairstyle. This works particularly well in the summertime and looks fantastic with beachy waves. The retro vibes of this hairstyle make it the perfect finishing touch.

Side Bangs

Women in the 70s embraced nonchalant and playful hairstyles, especially when wearing their long fringe. They would brush it to one side or leave it wild and free, creating a charming and feminine look that caught the attention of men. This could be the perfect look for you if you have long, wavy hair. It adds volume and gives you the desired face-framing effect with the fringe. The best part is that this style suits all hair types and requires little maintenance.

Curly Bangs

If you have wavy hair, consider adding soft curls to your bangs to achieve an elegant and flirty 70s style. This look works regardless of your hair length. Ensure your stylist cuts your charges when they are dry to avoid ending up with awkward micro bangs when your curls revert to their original state. Another retro style making a comeback is curtain bangs. They pair nicely with ponytails and are perfect for women who don’t want a full fringe haircut.

Brow-Grazing Bangs

Brow-grazing bangs offer an eye-catching alternative to straight-across fringes, particularly for women with heart-shaped faces. This style brings to mind iconic figures like Farrah Fawcett and Bridgette Bardot. Whether you want additional volume and thickness or a subtle pulled-back look, it works great on all hair textures. This low-maintenance style can suit any haircut and looks fantastic with casual ponytails, flirty buns, or top knots. It adds soft feminine touches to any look.

Layered Bangs

For those with long, wavy hair, feathered bangs can give you a 70s feel. Feathering adds texture and volume, creating a fuller face frame. You can wear this style with a center or deep side part, which pairs well with printed bandanas and tinted sunglasses for a hippie chic vibe. Full curtain bangs offer an elegant 70s hairstyle, especially for women with long, wavy, or curly locks. These bangs add volume and layers that frame the face, suiting all hair textures. It’s a retro style that can make a statement for an evening out or a date night. Brush your locks to one side and secure with a clip-in bow for an eye-catching rocker style.

Bangs with Waves

Curtain bangs provide an elegant and subtle alternative for those unsure about getting full fringes or making drastic changes to their haircut. When worn with a middle part, curtain bangs create a face-framing effect while concealing signs of aging on the forehead. While some hair trends are best left in the past, others make a fantastic comeback. One such 70s style is pairing beach waves for long hair with bangs and two-toned color for a grunge babe-inspired look.

Bangs with Curls

Women with long, wavy hair exuded effortless charm in the 1970s, and this look allows you to channel that retro vibe. Please work with your stylist to achieve a rounded shape by incorporating shorter layers in your bangs and sides, allowing them to fall naturally over your forehead. Keep your strands loosely curled, or use a curling tong with a large barrel for more defined curls. Long middle parts and sweeping curtain bangs make this style perfect for warm-weather days. To add a feminine touch, try bleached balayage for a blonde-meets-bronze finish.

High Ponytail

This look combines two iconic 70s styles and looks incredible on any hair texture. It directs attention upward while emphasizing your makeup and facial structure. It also hides imperfections on the forehead and gives off a sleek, modern finish. Women with long, wavy, or curly locks can incorporate the Farrah Fawcett style into their look with this high ponytail. Curtain bangs, popular in the 1970s, are coming back this season. These face-framing layers are easy to style and complement high ponytails beautifully.