Hair Dimensions – How to Find Out If Your Face Shape Suits a Short Or Long Hairstyle

hair Length Test: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Face Shape

John Frieda offers a quick and simple way to determine the best length for your hairstyle. In just two seconds, you can complete their convenient Hair Length Test. This test will inform you whether a shorter or longer haircut complements the shape of your face.

Understanding hair Dimensions

Hair dimension refers to the contrast between light and dark tones in your hair. Techniques like highlights, balayage, and ombre can help achieve this effect.

hair Density: Impact on Volume and Shape

Hair density refers to the total number of individual strands per square inch on your scalp. It is distinct from hair thickness, which refers to the width of the strands. Strand density plays a crucial role in defining the volume and shape of your hair, whether it is characterized by defined coils, waves, or frizz.

Measuring Hair Density

hair specialists often use trichoscopy to count individual strands on your scalp and assess your density. There are alternative ways to test hair density at home, such as measuring the circumference of a ponytail formed with all your hair. Keep in mind that the tightness of curly or wavy hair can affect its appearance and density.

Measuring Hair Thickness at Home

To measure hair thickness, you can compare a sample strand of hair to a sewing thread. If the sample strand is significantly wider than the thread, it indicates thick hair. On the other hand, if the strand is thinner, it suggests thin locks.

Additionally, you can assess your hair density by holding a strand between your fingers. The level of sensation you feel when touching the strand can indicate whether your hair is thin, medium, or thick.