What Are Roblox Hair ID Codes?

Roblox hair ID codes are unique numbers used to alter avatars’ appearance in games like Roblox. These codes can also be redeemed in several ways within games, as reward items or to access hidden areas.

To change the appearance of your avatar:


Roblox hair comes in many styles for both males and females, allowing players to personalize their characters’ looks and stand out. The choice of hairstyle can make your avatar appear more or less realistic.

Blonde Flowy Pigtails:

This hairstyle from GENKROCO is ideal for cheerleading teens or women with long locks who desire a high-impact look. Although it may be more expensive, it looks fantastic and justifies the extra cost.

Straight Blonde Hair:

BRLABE offers this highly recommended choice, especially for older players or anyone wanting to stand out in-game. It looks almost identical to natural hair and requires no special coding knowledge.


Roblox offers unique wigs that can modify an avatar’s appearance and increase character recognition. Some wigs may look more realistic, while others have a cartoonish style. They provide an effective way to update your look for free.

Hair Colors:

In Roblox, players can customize their avatars by changing their hair color. Some hair colors can be purchased, while others are available as free Roblox hair Codes. These codes consist of two numbers representing the shade and tone of the selected hair color.

hair Accessories:

Roblox offers an assortment of hair accessories to give your avatar an individual style. These accessories are in the Catalog and come in various styles and colors. They are free to use and can help your character stand out.

Also, hats and other accessories are available in the Catalog that can be acquired using Robux, the in-game currency. Some hats can also be purchased with real money, but most are free.