Hair Cuts With Long Bangs

If you have long hair and would like bangs, your stylist can tailor them to the shape of your face. Choose a soft and blunt fringe to frame your chin or an oblong style for an overall lengthening effect.

Side bangs

Side bangs are a classic girl-next-door style, and this haircut features long bangs with side-swept fringes to frame the face perfectly. They create soft sweeps that frame any facial structure beautifully, ideal for most face shapes and hair types, such as fine, medium, or thick textures.

If you have fine hair, try layering your bangs to give a fuller appearance and make them easier to manage by eliminating unruly strands that fall into your eyes. This will also give the impression of more volume!

If you have brown wavy hair, try getting a deep side part and sweeping your bangs to the opposite side for an eye-catching feminine style that reminds us of Marissa Cooper (The OC). Layers create an appealing frame around your face; this hairstyle works excellently with highlights to highlight natural hues in your strands.

Blunt bangs

Blunt bangs offer a casual yet relaxed style. Their flirtatious appeal works beautifully on long, thick hair and can even be styled into a chic ponytail or messy bun!

If your hair is black, consider adding highlights before opting for a layered haircut with long bangs. This will make the color stand out more, creating an appealing, glossy look. Alternatively, experiment with fiery red hues for the ultimate high-contrast look that draws attention to your face.

Those with round faces should opt for arching straight bangs that end just below their eyebrows to frame and emphasize their eyes and cheekbones while remaining suitable for casual outings with friends. You could also add feathering for additional definition and texture.

Parted bangs

If you usually part your hair in the middle, bangs cut a little longer than usual could add an unexpected bit of drama while keeping with a traditional center-parted style. Try opting for angled or choppy bangs for an edgier aesthetic or long curtain bangs that cascade down from your forehead for an antique vibe.

Curtain bangs are typically shorter in the center and gradually lengthen to longer lengths on either side for a textured look that frames your face. Perfect for women with curly or wavy locks who wish to conceal fine lines while adding elegance, ask your stylist to point-cut the ends for an eye-catching piece finish to set this style off even more! It works exceptionally well on longer faces as it softens overall features while adding drama – and looks especially striking against black locks!

Sideswept bangs

Are you interested in framing your face softly and subtly? Try wispy side bangs as an elegant yet subtle way to prepare it. These thin hair pieces fall around your eyes to highlight them while still fitting seamlessly with the rest of your facial structure. Additionally, this style works particularly well when styling for mature faces, as it helps cover fine lines and wrinkles while remaining flattering.

This haircut is ideal for women with medium-length locks as it can easily accommodate different textures or densities of hair. Utilize leave-in conditioner to keep your locks looking shiny and healthy – like they just came out of the salon.

If you have long hair, a wavy bob with side bangs is an effortless and low-maintenance style to try for a girl-next-door aesthetic. It works exceptionally well with space buns, perfect for women with thicker strands who wish to add volume while creating an adorable feminine and flirty silhouette.