Easy Hairstyles For School

Starting off a new school year means updating your locker, notebooks, and hairstyle to look your best. From photo day photos apps to keeping hair out of your face, these easy girls’ hairstyles for school will help get you looking fantastic in no time.

Messy Bun

A messy bun can seem complicated, but this school hairstyle is one of the easiest for girls with long or medium-length hair. Add accessories like a scrunchie, bow, or fun printed elastic to personalize it further!

Boho Braid

Whether you love accessories or desire an effortless yet chic style to wear to school, the boho braid style is an effortless and timeless look that works great! Wear with headbands, veils, flowers, or any other hair accessory you can think of to complete the look!

Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is another beautiful and quick style to try. This romantic and charming style makes you stand out at any special event or photo op, perfect for picture day or other important dates. Plus, its quick steps allow for sharp styling on any hair length.

Side Braid

Whether your locks are long or short, this stunning side braid hairstyle for school is straightforward and pretty! To achieve this look, brush through and detangle your locks to remove any knots or tangles. Next, part your hair on one side and grab a rectangular section. Cross the left area over and tuck it underneath the right team to form the braid, repeating this step until complete. Finally, finish your creation by adding a cute bow for an eye-catching finishing touch!

Hair Bow

Try this hairbow style if you want a cute hairstyle to impress your classmates. It’s simple and quick to do, plus it looks fantastic! If you want something different, try giving your ponytail a flipped look – it will add flair and make any typical ponytail more visually attractive. Add a hair bow for an eye-catching and feminine touch. A perfect idea for special events and holidays; wrap a section of your ponytail in some hair, pin it into place, and clip it away!

Twin Braids and Buns

The start of school is always a hectic time for parents and students. Between shopping for supplies, carpooling, and early morning alarm clocks, finding an easy and cute hairstyle can be challenging to help ensure your child looks their best. Add a bit of flair to a classic ponytail by trying this fun twin braids and buns hairstyle for school. It is simple yet looks fantastic. Another effortless hairstyle suitable for school is a messy side braid. Not only is this look super adorable and trendy, but it only takes minutes to achieve!

Double Knot

School can be an anxious time, especially in terms of your appearance. But that doesn’t mean sacrificing style to successfully transition back into classroom life. No matter your hair texture or length, there’s always something exciting and different you can try with it. A double knot would add an eye-catching flair. This style may look intricate, but it is straightforward: Form a ponytail at the crown of your head and pull two sections under it to create a bubble effect.

Messy Fishtail Braid

Try this fun messy fishtail braid for an eye-catching back-to-school hairstyle with texture and flair. Perfect for girls with longer locks, this gorgeous braid can be decorated with bows or flowers for added flair – and looks beautiful even when messy! This style is ideal for medium-length hair that needs to look stunning quickly. Simply Dutch braid your front sections, pull them back into a low ponytail, and secure them with pins if necessary – creating this quick yet chic style is sure to please when heading off to a football game or class!