Short hair Styles For Men

The comb-over is one of the easiest short hair styles for men to style, as it can be combined with any kind of fade and is suitable for those with thinned out crown. This classic look is office-appropriate and will help you stand out.

Military-style cuts

Military-style haircuts can help men look dapper and confident. You can add your own flair by pairing this look with quiff or fade features. To achieve this look, ask your barber for a high and tight clipper cut with skin fade. Add modern flair to your hairstyle by pairing it with either a fade or mohawk.

Tapered quiffs

Men who wish to keep their hair short can achieve an elegant yet modern style by combing their top strands up into a modified quiff-pompadour style with lots of volume – creating the quiff with tapered fade combo. For an elegant style, try pairing a high skin taper with a slicked back haircut for formal events. Another variation of the tapered quiff that stands out is a comb over fade.

Spiked tops

Many short spiky hair ideas for men involve top texturizing, transforming thin or thick locks into an array of small spikes that look carefree and stylish. Spikes combine well with faded sides and can even be combined with a faux hawk haircut or mohawk for an approachable yet rebellious look.


Fade haircuts add sophistication to any look, whether worn with classic Caesar cuts or longer styles such as pompadour. A fade haircut is a style of short haircut that begins short at the sides and back and gradually grows longer on top, and has become a popular option among men who want their hair short while adding style and sophistication.