5 Easy Adult Hair Styles


Pigtails may be associated with children, but adults can wear this protective style too! A significant edge-taming pomade such as PATRICKS S2 makes maintaining this defensive look simple and manageable. Slick back your hair, leaving just a few loose tendrils behind, then weave two thick matching braids close to your scalp.

Fishbone Braid

This beautiful style features six lace fishbone braids in an eye-catching diagonal pattern at the top section, combined with two larger pigtails that fall down the back for added dimension and neatness. It’s a great way to spice up traditional fishbone braids while keeping them neat! Add extra size and texture to your style by switching up the braiding hair color braiding hair color used for your big cornrows. It is an effective way of adding dimension. Fishbone braids offer a more sophisticated aesthetic. Before rocking this stunning style, spritz on some Nexxus Curl Define Daily Leave-In Moisturizer!

Braided Bun

This braided bun is an elegant hairstyle for those who want to highlight the unique hues in their locks. Created using the feed-in stitch braid technique, it works great with all hair types. Easy, it looks fabulous when accessorized with accessories such as cuffs, beads, or hair rings! This braided bun sits high on the head, featuring stylish cord patterns. Some of its braids even sport an eye-catching dark blue hue that sets it apart. This braided bun look would make a statement of elegance for special events or to feel genuinely stunning. To achieve it, all that’s required to create it is a good quality hairbrush, serums or styling balms, and your preferred hairspray – these tools will help tame flyaways while leaving braids shiny and sleek.


Though you might think pigtails are reserved for third graders, this adorable style can look polished and fun when worn by adults too! Pigtails make a lovely statement at work, school, or any time you want to spice up your look! This stylish trend is excellent for work and school environments alike – try it today to add something different and fresh! If you love classic sky-high pigtails, add an elegant touch by wrapping each with a colorful ribbon for special events, like concerts and parties. The term “pigtail” first debuted in the 17th century to describe a twist of tobacco leaves used for faster drying and curing, eventually applied to braided hairstyles. Today it remains a widely used term.


This easy and stylish style gives your top knot a luxurious boost! Fold a rectangular patterned scarf into a trapezoid shape before rolling it up and around your hair from front to back, tying it at the nape of your neck. Tuck or spread out any loose ends before spraying a little hairspray to secure everything into place! To create a rosette braid, begin with a horizontal part on both sides of your head and comb out any hair that might get in the way. Divide this section of hair and two sides of a scarf into three equal segments to create a French braid by crossing outside pieces over the middle while picking up loose strands as you go along.

Double Ponytail

Consider a double ponytail if you want a unique style that stands out. This look adds style and volume without overwhelming the face, perfect for long locks with volume or highlights. Spray some hairspray on to control flyaways and add volume before sectioning it off into two parts with hair ties for each section and securing each with one individually. Although often associated with younger girls, this style can also make a statement among older women who wish to look polished and stylish. It pairs perfectly when worn with straight-cut bangs for added sophistication. For an additional chic element, line your hairline with small clips along the crown of your head for added fun and edge.