Hair Cut Or Haircut – What You Need to Know

hair cutting or haircutting involves manipulating hair using tools like scissors, razors, or clippers to achieve a specific style. Dry cutting is when your stylist trims your dry hair for precision and strong lines. Great Clips salons offer neck trims as a quick way to freshen up between haircuts.


Your hair’s length affects its appearance. Fine hair can look shorter due to its texture, and curly or wavy hair may appear more straightforward than it is. Haircuts involve using tools to cut or trim hair for a desired style and texture. Styling products like pomades and waxes may be used to customize the hair further. Use this chart to decide your ideal length.


Layers add movement, volume, and interest to the hair while reducing bulk. Depending on your desired result, they can be added at any length or texture. Long layers create flow and volume, while short layers frame the face. Your stylist will help you choose the right layer style for your lifestyle.


Adding fringe or bangs can transform a hairstyle. Side-swept, blended, blunt, or wispy point-cutting bangs can create dimension. Your stylist will cut rough bangs before fine-tuning each strand to your desired length.

Face Shape

Knowing your face shape helps you find styles that flatter your features. Common face shapes are oval, square, rectangular, heart, and triangle. Different hairstyles suit each shape. For example, lobs or bobs flatter round faces and shorter styles with volume are ideal for pear-shaped faces.