Black Guy Haircuts That Stand Out From the Crowd

Black men have an array of hairstyles that allow them to stand out from the crowd. These haircuts come in various shapes and lengths based on your desired look.

Sponged Frohawk with High Burst Fade

The sponged frohawk with high burst fade is an increasingly popular black guy haircut featuring natural hair texture. This look pairs nicely with clean disconnection beard and mustache styles for an appealing contrast look.

Short Afro

Short afros are an easy and stylish hairstyle for those with curly or wavy locks, offering both style and ease of upkeep. Their distinct design stands out from the crowd for creating an eye-catching manner.

Low Temple Fades for Afro Hairstyle

Low temple fades add an elegant finishing touch to this straightforward afro hairstyle, helping define its shape while making the crown appear dense while tapering at the sides.

Side-Twist Afro

A side twist is another fun and effortless way to wear your afro. This hairstyle can easily be achieved and looks fantastic when worn alongside facial hair like beards or mustaches.


Dreadlocks (also referred to as locs or jata) are rope-like knots of hair that grow together tightly in a dense pattern, usually for religious symbolism within the Rastafari movement, but have since become a fashionable style for both men and women looking to express their culture or spirituality through their hair.

Long Dreadlocks with Cornrows and Faded Hairstyles

Long dreadlocks require more maintenance than short curls, but can add an eye-catching element to your look. Cornrows and faded dreadlock haircuts look particularly striking when worn with blond highlights and a mohawk cut for added edge.

Short Curls with Temple Fade

Curly hair offers many choices when selecting a haircut that fits you best. One attractive option would be keeping the curls at medium length and styling them with a temple fade for added flair.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a military-inspired style that looks masculine and edgy, yet is only possible to style with proper maintenance. Although difficult to achieve at times, its upkeep requires little time or effort every day.

Djimon Hounsou’s Buzz Cut with Salt and Pepper Goatee

A buzz cut can accentuate a well-proportioned head and highlight facial features while complementing facial stubble or beards. Djimon Hounsou provides an example of how this can work by pairing his buzz cut with a salt and pepper goatee for an appealing finish.


This unique haircut highlights black men’s naturally curly hair texture impressively and daringly. It keeps the lower portion short (usually beneath the ear), with the top length varying according to the desired height. Regular trimming and conditioning sessions should keep this hairstyle looking its best!

Taper Fade Afro with Full Beard

This taper fade haircut for black men combines an afro style with steeply tapered sides and features an impressive full beard for an outstanding look.

Edge Up

Shaping waves into straight and clean lines takes effort and requires precision cutting skills – but the result speaks for itself! This low-skin fade haircut with a straight afro top and steep sides shows that precise cutting can elevate a dapper style and make it even more eye-catching.

Shape Up with Beard Detail

The shape-up hairstyle for black men is an eye-catching look that demonstrates their natural texture while giving their style a stylish finish. Here, it extends down into their beard for an eye-catching appearance.

Mohawk Style with Hi-Lo Fade

Another variation of the shape-up style is this mohawk style with hi-lo fade. The high-lo fade adds movement and contrast to the top curls, adding an edged appearance with its beard detail.

Burr Cut

Men who wish to appear stylish may opt for the burr cut. Once used by military recruits as a uniform look, it is now favored by non-military men as it offers easy maintenance with low upkeep requirements. Pair your burr cut with hi-lo fades and disconnected beards for an attractive, masculine appearance.

Geometric Lines and Spiral Waves

This unique hairstyle combines geometric lines and spiral waves for an eye-catching, contemporary style. A low skin fade adds contrast and cleans up medium-length hair edges, adding depth and dimension to this dynamic design at the top.