Hair Curling Tool

With this versatile hair-curling tool, you can achieve an array of styles. From loose wavy locks to tight mermaid-meets-old Hollywood waves – whatever length your locks may be! – The possibilities are limitless! Choose a shorter barrel size for fine to thin hair textures, while more extended barrel sizes should be used on thicker surfaces. Be sure to always use heat protectants and avoid overheating your styling tools!

Tourmaline Curling Iron for Less Heat Damage and Smoother

Packed with tourmaline, this curling iron offers less static and frizz-causing static charge, helping your curls look healthy and glossy. Its ceramic extra-smooth surface evenly disperses heat for reduced hair breakage and smoother style results. The 1-1/4-inch barrel size creates bouncy, soft curls that last all day. Heat settings adjust easily to suit every type of hair; even for more dramatic looks, you can switch between loose beach waves and full-bodied coils for dramatic effects. This versatile curling iron offers excellent value. Lightweight, easy to use, and comes complete with a handy carrying bag, heat-proof glove, and high-end gift box – it heats quickly before shutting off automatically after 60 minutes of non-use; universal dual voltage and swivel cord compatibility make this ideal for worldwide travel! This curling iron also comes equipped with its carrying case!

Volume-Boosting Wand for Thicker hair Textures

Hot Tools’ Professional 1-1/4-Inch Nano Ceramic Flipperless Tapered Wand is an excellent solution for thicker hair textures, as its cone-shaped barrel keeps curls tighter nearer the roots for increased volume. Furthermore, its temperature setting of 450F ensures it works effectively with thicker consistencies. Even heat distribution makes this iron an asset to all hair types, while its ten temperature settings allow for complete customization. However, the highest setting may be too hot for fine or chemically treated locks, so starting low and gradually increasing heat can help you find an optimal temperature level that styles without scorching your strands. Our testers found this wand invaluable for its ability to produce beachy waves, making it the ideal complement to texturizing spray or strong-hold hairspray for an elegant finish. With its half-inch barrel explicitly designed to create tight ringlets and touch-ups and capable of making soft boho beach waves by playing around with its wrapping method and tension, our testers were impressed!

Heat Damage-Reducing Iron with Cordless Design

This iron is the go-to choice for many hairstylists to reduce heat damage. With its titanium barrel and ion emitter, this iron creates perfect waves while minimizing frizz–especially important for thin textures prone to being easily damaged by heat. According to expert Nunzio Saviano, its temperature settings precisely hit 365 degrees. Stylist Glenn Ellis loves this tool for its ability to produce voluminous curls and waves on all hair textures, regardless of refined or processed qualities. Adjustable heat settings play a crucial role, as refined or highly processed locks require lower settings, while coarse textures may tolerate higher temperature settings. Another advantage of this hair-curling tool is its cordless design, making it easier to use while on the move without getting caught in long cords. You can style it for up to 60 minutes cord-free before it needs charging after 2.5 hours when not in use.

All-in-One Styling Tool with Heat-Free Technology

As soon as the Dyson Airwrap, a device that combines a blow dryer with brush and curling wand attachments to style hair as it dries, first emerged, it quickly became an industry favorite. Unlike traditional curling irons that use extreme heat to shape your strands into waves and curls, hot air and Coanda effect technology create salon-quality results without damage to the scalp or hair follicles. Recently, they unveiled an improved Airwrap with upgraded features, such as a drying attachment designed to rough-dry hair before using brush or curling wand attachments for styling. Vloggers have raved about its simplicity of use and quality results. But if you need more time to spend nearly PS500 on an all-in-one hair tool right now (or can’t get on Dyson’s six-month waitlist), alternatives out there will help you achieve sleek and shiny locks without breaking the bank. Kaitlin Clark, the senior beauty commerce editor for Byrdie, tested a few Airwrap alternatives and discovered they worked just as effectively.