Everything You Need to Know about Hair color and ideas

Numerous people color their hair for differing reasons. It very nicely can be to reestablish their silver hair again to its first-rate color, or to trade their color to 1 they feel is constantly in style or it can be the case that they completely respect like a chunk of change and wish more than one capabilities to their hair. Despite the truth that the effects of color can fluctuate, some are happy with the effects they get from the coloring cure while others grow to be with an unwanted tumult on their heads. Such incidents are probably avoidable if the person wishing to color their hairs knows about and is cognizant a piece of the necessities on the rear of cure.

Prior to the remedy, the color of the dye and the shape of dye for use have to be properly recognized. The color of the hairs, may additionally it be natural or dyed will seem special beneath herbal and artificial lighting. Often the color of the hair’s color can range slightly as a result of the mild’s mirrored picture at the hairs.

Color is a complex subject, however set forth plainly, it’s the manner mild reflects from pigments. Change each the pigment and the type of light, and you exchange the color we see. There are vital styles of color: red-yellow and pink-blue.

History of hair color

The color is an historic art that includes treatment of the hairs with numerous chemical mixes. In historical times, the dyes were acquired from flowers. The absolute maximum famous is henna, indigo, Cassia obovata, senna, turmeric and amla. Others embody katam, black walnut hulls, crimson ochre and leeks.

Natural hair color

Natural colorants, for example, the plant powders Henna, Indigo, Cassia, and Amla can appropriately be used to decorate or change your color. They are plant powders which are probably blended with lemon juice, water, and/or yogurt, to your own domestic, to make a paste that is applied on your scalp.

Because they’ll be natural, and do now not strip the natural pigment from your hairs, the dye you get from the ones powders will rely upon the dye of the hairs you’re coloring. For instance, henna on my own used on white hairs will supply pink, at the same time as immediately henna on earthy colored hairs will result in auburn hairs.

These powders are safe to use on chemically handled or dyed, also. They are safe to use as regularly as you wish. If you dye with those powders and get a dye that isn’t dark sufficient, you may easily make bigger it with another software program.

How to apply those Natural colorants?

If you’re using Amla, or Indigo you do not need to premix the powder with lemon juice. Only henna or cassia wishes to be combined with lemon juice and sit down overnight. Indigo and Amla can be blended and combined with the henna at the same time as you’re equipped to apply it.

Off-scalp for color

Color is historically applied to as one overall color. In the reducing edge sample is to use several color to create streaks or gradation, but not all work on top of an unmarried base color.

  1. Highlighting, wherein sections of hairs are dealt with lighteners
  2. Lowlighting, in which sections of hairs are dealt with darker colors
  3. Splash lights are the horizontal band of bleached from ear to ear.

On-scalp for color

Coloring can likewise be applied at the scalp for an increasing number of greater regular degrees of protection

  1. Root finish up, in which color is actualized pleasant to the first-class in class duration of re-improvement Root touch-US are rehashed every 4 each month and a 1/2 as the feature color creates in and receives obvious. Individuals who color their hairs to mask dim often have those root contact ups.
  2. All-over color, where the man or lady desires all in their hairs to be an exceptional strong color
  3. Square coloring, in which the person desires as a base two colors did to their hairs, bringing approximately measurement and differentiation

All coloring strategies may be applied with such a color.

Color allergic

As with any item, check for allergies. You have to also offer the paste a shot a small pattern of hairs to perceive what the resultant color is probably on your hairs.

Color Tips

If you’re now not acquainted with color and the way it works you may effects do something that will purpose you to circulate on foot to the closest salon with a scarf spherical your head praying a person will have the choice to make you appearance human once more. Here are a few easy subjects to recall:

Bleach for hair

A color will no longer increase a color. If you have got colored already and it’s darkish, but you make a decision to go lighter, you’re going to have to use bleach. The identical goes if you have evidently darkish and want to move blonde. A dye wills usually most effective carry 4 levels. I would substantially prescribe going to a colorist in this example as bleach may be tricky.

Use Opposites at the color

Opposites at the color wheel will neutralize the opposite color. For example, when you have an excessive amount of pink in your hairs, an ash dye with green undertones will cancel out the crimson.

Don’t use chemical hair color

The most effective ‘herbal’ color that exists is based totally on henna, cassia, or indigo extracts. These can be combined collectively to create herbal sunglasses of earthy colored, or a reddish color,” explains George. Be that as it can, there’s a motive why stylists regularly propose avoiding henna, irrespective of whether it’s one of the greater natural options.

Don’t blend chemical for natural color

If you’ve used henna dye in advance than, assume that to develop out in advance than you use a chemical color. Mixing the commonly does not bring about a decent result.

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Permanent Color

Permanent hair dye carries chemical materials that expel dye out of your strands as well as pigments that trade your hair’s present color. And as cited before, whilst you consider that eternal dyes intended to withstand many washes, the chemicals must be stronger, and they’re left on longer.

Permanent method

At the component while blended with a developer, everlasting dye opens the cuticles that include the ground of the hairs shaft and materials dye someplace internal. The cuticle then reseals, stopping the dye from escaping.

Permanent paintings

The dye forerunners (PPD) are small molecules that penetrate profound into the shaft. Ammonia, present in the color, enables their entrance. Once within the shaft, hydrogen peroxide first bleaches the natural color. It then oxidizes the dye forerunners to deposit new color.

Effective for eternal hair color

Permanent dye is the terrific ones close to shielding grey . They provide 100% grey insurance even on resistant grays. With permanent color, it’s also feasible to get a dye that’s of a drastically lighter dye than natural hairs. This is due to the reality is to start with bleached by way of hydrogen peroxide to allow it take over new color.

The factors

There are two important ones, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Ammonia opens the cuticle of the hairs shaft so the dye molecules can enter. Hydrogen peroxide bleaches this with the reason that new dye can be brought to create the desired color. Some everlasting colors accompany extra natural factors than others, but will likely although have some synthetic chemicals as properly.

Don’t permanent dye

Permanent dye will not fade away regularly so that you will constantly have a look at a difference between the new development and the colored hairs.

What is the uses Permanent dye?

Permanent dye is used to lighten or darken hairs; trade the dye and spread gray.

Color is used to emphasize the importance of look for splendor purposes. This paper provides a comprehensive evaluation on diverse components of dying gadgets. Colors are mainly recognized to have mild to low acute toxicity like contact allergies.

How long does everlasting hair color take to fade?

In nicely known, everlasting color will continue to be on develops, exposing the roots. Usually, this takes someplace within the range of four and a month and a 1/2 earlier than you want to move back and entire your roots. The 4 to multi week window is likewise whilst the permanent dye will begin to fade.

Permanent color lasts indefinitely as it permanently alters the color shape of the hairs.

Demi Permanent Color

Demi-everlasting color is ammonia-free, so its molecules get underneath the out of doors cuticle of the hairs shaft on the same time, not like eternal dye, doesn’t penetrate the strand. Instead, they wrap around the hair’s cuticle, creating a coating of dye that’s gradually washed away.

Demi Permanent Colors system

Demi-everlasting color gently opens the floor cuticle of the hairs and permits dye to penetrate slightly into the hairs shaft. The formulas are sheer. Demi-permanents can darken the hairs or exchange the tone. They moreover upload shine.

Effective are demi-permanent hair color

As demi-everlasting color cannot bleach the hairs pigment that’s already there. This dye is because of the fact they comprise much less quantity of hydrogen peroxide. In exceptional words, demi everlasting dye can’t lighten the earlier dye of your hairs. You can exceptional move for either a comparable or a darker dye than your contemporary color.

Demi-everlasting colors higher than everlasting color

If you’ve got as much as half of grays and need to live close to herbal color, you may use demi-permanent color. The color imparted thru this color isn’t as uniform as that with the permanent color. Thus, new improvement from roots does now not appearance as prominent and contrasting as in case of everlasting color. Consequently, demi-everlasting dye gives a step by step natural dye to your hairs.

Avoid reactions with demi-everlasting colors

Much similar to eternal color, they include PPD. As we already counseled you, PPD derivatives are vulnerable to cause allergic reactions. Subsequently, using demi permanent dye moreover calls for a patch test, as described above inside the everlasting dye phase.

Don’t demi-everlasting dye

Demi-everlasting color components will now not raise or lighten the hairs or unfold gray.

What are the uses Demi-Permanent colors?

Demi-everlasting color can be used to beautify natural color; deposit color over blonde or lightened hairs; mixture (but not unfold) gray; revive faded color; darken or lowlight the hairs; right dye that has lengthy past off-tone (became brassy or ashy, for example) and mix highlights. A smooth demi-permanent can also upload shine and repair the luster of dull, damaged hairs. Demi-eternal dye is a first rate option if you haven’t had dye earlier than, because it will fade little by little without destructive your hairs.

How prolonged does demi-everlasting colors take to fade?

Depending upon the fitness and porosity of the demi-permanent color lasts someplace in the form of 12 and 24 shampoos in advance than it fades frequently.

Semi-Permanent Color

Semi-everlasting color is good for attempting every different color, and lasts thru 4 to six shampoos. Used instantly from the bottle, it includes no ammonia or peroxide, so it is sufficiently moderate for use on fragile, permed or relaxed hairs.

Semi-Permanent Colors process

Semis deposit color onto the floor of the hairs, functioning as a sheer coating. Unlike permanent or demi-everlasting color, semi-everlasting dye does not penetrate shaft. It alters the tone of the hairs.

Effective are semi-everlasting colors

Being chemically milder, they’re suitable for fragile and broken hairs. Be that as it can, the ones colors have limited outcomes. They can only combo as a good deal as 30% of grays. The color gets washed off in 4 to eight shampoo washes. Also, semi-everlasting dye can first-class darken your herbal color, and no longer lighten it.

Don’t semi-permanent dye

Semi-everlasting dye will no longer lighten your hairs, spread gray or trade your color.

What is the uses Semi-Permanent colors?

Semi-permanent color may be used to deposit dye over blonde or lightened hairs; to mixture gray; to invigorate faded color; to cope with dye that has long beyond off-tone and to combination highlights with base color. A smooth semi-permanent also can upload shine and restore the luster of dull, damaged hairs. Semi-everlasting dye may additionally be decided in shampoos, conditioners and mask that can be used to keep the tone of hairs among salon visits.

How prolonged does Semi-everlasting colors take to fade?

Depending upon the fitness and porosity of the hairs, semi-permanent color can final everywhere someplace in the range of four and 12 shampoos earlier than step by step fading.

Gradual color

Gradual color is software program; you’ll watch the gradual darkening of color from gray to yellow earthy colored to burgundy. The dye without issue fades off by using shampooing. Thus, gradual color wishes regular software. Hairs perming or straightening processes shouldn’t be finished on colored with metallic color.

Gradual color higher than the everlasting ones

This metallic color doesn’t encompass PPD. Henceforth this color is beneficial for people allergic to PPD-containing color. Their use doesn’t want a patch check.

Temporary Color

Temporary, or semi-permanent, color penetrate your hairs’ outside cuticle to benefit get right of entry to the hair’s cortex. They ultimate for about a month and a 1/2 of and could in general fade progressively. As short colors don’t contain bleach they cannot lighten your herbal color.

Temporary hair Color method

Apply a small amount of color to a discreet section of freshly shampooed and dried in advance than attempting to do a large quantity. Apply petroleum jelly or a thick conditioner round your hairline to keep away from staining skin. Use elastic gloves. Ensure your garb and anything else the color can also stain.

Don’t Temporary dye

It will not lighten, darken or adjust the real color in any manner.

What are the makes use of Temporary color?

Temporary color is useful to decorate your real color, and to characteristic tint or decorate dyed hairs. They may even are to be had unnatural sun colors as blue, pink, pink, inexperienced, gold and so forth. People frequently use them to highlight multiple strands or on full head. Youngsters use them for the sake of entertainment, for unique sports or parties, and for sporting bold, out of manipulate colors.

Often, your stylist would possibly use a mixture of color types during your color service. For example, she can also use eternal color to dye your new development and then observe demi-everlasting color to repair vibrancy or profundity to the relaxation of your previously-colored hairs. The backside line is there’s a color thing for every task, and your stylist presently has extra alternatives than every different time in modern memory to create a glance you love—appropriately and beautifully!

How long does Temporary hair color take to fade?

Temporary color lasts about 4 a month and a half of. If you fall in love with a color all through that time, you could hold to feature the equal color in your hairs for touch-ups. However, you moreover might have the freedom to have a flow at something new, too.

Ombre color

Ombré color leaves your herbal color on the roots and continually blurs valid without delay into a lighter featured tone at the base of the hairs. Get the look at home thru way of utilizing the L’Oreal Paris Colorist Bleach Ombré Bleach.

Highlights color

Only one out of every normal look requires all-over color this is the location highlights emerge as likely the maximum crucial element. These are finished by the use of placing the color on different sections of this to help enhance profundity, tone, and color.

Lowlights color

Rather than choosing strands to help, this procedure carries acquainting darker tones with the hair for included size that is good for an occasional  update.

This color technique is ideal for people with lighter strands who want to try things out with a dull color, without getting an allover color. Lowlights can likewise assist with performing to be thicker and steadily voluminous, making it an incredible coloring approach for young girls with great hair.

Balayage color

This featuring technique includes depict on capabilities wherein really hits the light, helping with providing your hair a constantly young, regular searching through sparkle. Since balayage entails vital situation, this featuring technique is appropriate left to the stars.

Textured highlights color

This fashion will fuse one-of-a-type sun colors of features to make a multi-dimensional ultimate debut. To offer it a hazard for yourself, gain for the L’Oreal Paris Ferial Multi-Faceted Highlights, which licenses you boom a multifaceted type of unadulterated blonde capabilities in one easy create.

Root color

A root easy up can be the remarkable manner to assist keeps your house grown color. The tremendous realities is that root concealer things can collection from short to lasting, and there are a lot of latest picks to cover silver short and without any problem.

Veiling color

This color technique brightens old looking flat color and complements the advent with a semi-everlasting glaze of a richer tone over a permanent color of color.

Twilighting color

At the point at the same time as you’re looking for a subtle trade thru lightening or darkening the hair, endure in mind twilighting. It’s just like lowlights by toning down bright color but it’s going to additionally brighten up color that is too dark.

Chunking color

Make a dramatic impact on your hair by way of inclusive of bright popular color on your herbal color by the usage of randomly infusing massive sections of the new color.

Henna color

Henna isn’t least complex used to beautify the pores and skin with whirling plans; it’s glaringly used to hide hair. Gotten from the henna plant, hennacolor generally offers a rosy color, introducing sparkle and color dynamic best in the process. Henna can be a lovely decision within the occasion that you’ve already proficient an unfavorably prone response simultaneously as coloring your hair, as characteristic henna is by and large hypoallergenic.

Choosing a Color

In spite of the fact that selecting a flattering color is almost usually achieved satisfactory with the steering of a professional colorist, you can pick out to your very own by using studying color charts. A part of these color charts is probably particular to the brand of color you use.

DIY Color

If you’ve got were given attempted to color your hair with a drugstore permanent color and the effects were a great deal less than satisfactory, there’s a valid justification for this. Permanent color normally handiest includes enough peroxide to lighten three colors. If you are an herbal brunette and have tried to reach a golden blonde color with first-class an everlasting coloring bundle, it’s a long way in all likelihood that you become out a few version of orange.

Popular Brands

The tremendous majority of the maximum well-known color brands are to be had at drugstores and mass merchandisers.

L’Oreal coloring

This well-known call gives over a dozen traces in color, from the lengthy-status Superior Preference to the cutting element Feria line.

Clairol coloring

See popular formulation and take a stab at a virtual color in Clairol’s Try on Studio.

Revlon coloring

This believed call in household splendor offers the Color Silk emblem alongside highlighting kits.

Garner coloring

The four lines from this color emblem are infused with herbal extracts to assist maintain healthy.

Use a Colorist

A professional colorist is aware of all about dye formulations and color undertones. She will apprehend even as hair needs to be lifted in request to be colored, or whether or not numerous coats of a demi eternal solution will accomplish the activity. A colorist may even have the selection to determine whether or not or now not too broken to persevere thru each other processing. Damaged is usually an impediment to a really perfect coloring.

Color Preservation

Each time you wash your hair, you’re fading the color a piece. If you could extend your each one of a kind-day habitual to at ordinary intervals, your color will very last that any longer. You also can use a color depositing shampoo to decorate your color and keep richness.

Hair Chalk

From fairs to party style, chalk is a totally fun way to be creative together and as soon as the night time is finished, you could without a doubt wash out the color.

How is color changed?

The shaft is sort of a cylinder. The outdoor is the cuticle and interior is the cortex with the pigment. Any applied color critiques the cuticle to the cortex, but it can or won’t have interaction at the side of your herbal pigment.

How do I realize what form of coloring I have?

You have heat color and have to choose a warm color (gold with red highlights, gold or honey earthy colored, copper or mahogany).

You have cool color and need to select a cool color (burgundy highlights, ash or platinum blonde, earthy colored, darkish earthy colored, black, gray, or white).

Wella Color

Wella Color Charm color is a creative color that gives vibrant, long-lasting and fade-resistant effects. It offers intense color that ensures 43% extra shine to hair. Devised using the Liquefies technology, it makes use of a three-boost process approach to coloring.

  1. Saturate
  2. Penetrate

III. Fuse

Saturate color

The liquid color coupler molecules integrate with the activator and shape a gel that has a completely unique feature of remaining in the location in which placed. This enables in saturating every strand of the hair while carried out.

Penetrate color

After the manner of saturation, the gel penetrates into the shaft and gives vibrant color molecules.

Fuse color

Once the shaft is penetrated, the color then fuses into the cortex of the hair to make it fade-resistant.

To result in this manner acquired is beautiful, lengthy-lasting, fade-resistant gray insurance color.

Strand Test for hair color

It is continually encouraged to conduct a strand test in advance than any software. This is mainly for instances wherein the hair is permeable or has been exposed to lightening, eternal waves, and color or chemical relaxers.

For this cause, you need to combination a small amount of desired color in keeping with commands and have a look at to select strands of hair. Wait for 30 minutes, rinse the strand, and test the color end result and condition.

Majirel Color

You have to bear in thoughts that Majirel can lighten your color a few color some distance far from your natural color and it may darken a couple of sun colors. For lightening, however you should bleach your hair first.

1. Choose the proper Majirel Color

First have a primary expertise of the natural color which you are endowed with. Then take a look at the L’Oreal color charts to pick out the color of color you may like. Make positive you select out a color that complements your natural color.

2. Application

Make nice you wear protective gloves to forestall any chemical materials to your pores and pores and skin. On your neck or face assure your comply with petroleum jelly mainly around your hair line. Use a hair brush to use the combination in your hair strands. If your hair is broken, ensure which you have conditioned or oiled it days previous to coloring. While applying color, start at the bottom and paintings your manner up to the strands till the quit. Apply to the roots only at the surrender as roots are closest in your scalp and henceforth the warm temperature out of your body hurries up the improvement of the color. Spread your complete head with the color.

3. Wash hair

Allow an improvement time of 35 mines in advance than washing. For quicker software you can take a seat down underneath an expert dryer. Before washing, you may test to look that the color has genuinely evolved and is of the color you desire. To do this, clearly wipe away color from multiple strands to make wonderful. Rinse with cold water until color runs out. Apply a profound conditioner to steady your colored hair.

4. Reapplication as wanted

For re-software, allow the mixture to stay to your hair for 35 minutes. Thereafter wash color the use of warmness water and a hydrating shampoo. For slight fading, upload hardly any drops of warm water to the aggregate and permit it to remain 10 to 15 mines earlier than washing.

Alternative hair color

Alternative color gadgets are designed to create colorings not usually observed in nature. These also are alluded to as “vivid color” in the hairstyling industry. To be had colors are various, for example, the colors green and fuchsia. Permanent alternatives in sure colors are available.

Legal restrictions for coloring

Color is excellent disturbs that attain the pores and pores and skin over the span of utility. In light of this skin contact, there exists more than one wellbeing hazard recognized with usage of colors. Thus, conceal is controlled inside the commercial enterprise exhibit and, as new harmfulness facts is produced for some color and wellness dangers are found, a piece of these color is in effect lawfully confined from the elegance industrial center.

Skin irritations for hair color

In certain people, the use of coloring can result in hypersensitive reactions and/or pores and skin inflammation. Individuals allergic to gluten will want to be careful even as purchasing color on account that certain color includes gluten. Gluten does no longer need to be ingested for it to cause an allergy. Skin contact with gluten may additionally purpose a reaction; therefore, foremost to an allergy.

Skin discolors

Skin and fingernails is product of a comparable type of keratinized protein as hair. That manner that drips, slips and extra hair tint throughout the hairline can result in patches of discolored pores and skin. This is grade by grade common with darker colors and folks with dry absorbent pores and skin. That is the motive it’s a ways cautioned that latex or nitrile gloves be worn to make sure the hands.

Ammonia loose Color

Organic color is important in request to be loose from the dangers that hundreds of lots of request human beings are facing because of the usage of horrific care devices. You may also even bypass for the items that have crucial oils and distinct herbal elements that supply out the splendor of your herbal color.

John Massers color

Celebrity colorist John Massers has dedicated his profession to the elevation of natural salon color to an art shape. As a world over acclaimed natural salon colorist, educator, and object consultant, John is recognized as one of the world’s main professionals in all tiers of coloring.

Biodynamic for color

Biodynamic is a step by step ethical, eco-friendly technique to farming that yields stronger, more and more unadulterated flora which is probably teeming with their energetic benefits.

Organic Color Ingredients

At this time, no oxidative color can be all organic. Organic, this means that an unadulterated plant factor untreated with the aid of chemicals. However, Oway uses the maximum quantity of herbal botanicals and the least quantity of artificial chemical compounds possible.


Biodynamic Hibiscus is commonly utilized in Aruyvedic remedy for its powerful antioxidants, nutrients and flavonoids.

Spritz the hibiscus water on smooth, dry after which run a broom alongside the lengths to assure a terrific spread of color. You may additionally have a go at spritzing the color on certain sections of hair like highlights. Let this hibiscus color sit on your hair for forty five minutes to 60 mines. Rinse with cool water.

Cotton Protein

Organic Cotton Protein is wealthy in Vitamin E and binds the cuticle and cortex collectively, strengthening and protective at a few stage inside the color process.

Perilla Oil

Organic Perilla Oil is unadulterated essential oil that soothes the scalp with extra nourishing omega-3 fatty acids than flax, hemp or fish oil.

Fair Trade Date Oil

Fair Trade Date Oil helps keep its appropriate moisture levels during and after the organic color way, and is wealthy in oleic acid.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is wealthy in nutrients that develop hair development, deeply hydrates and could growth shine and elasticity.

Illipe Plant Butters for color

Illipe Plant Butters make up the base of Organic color, growing a smooth, creamy consistency that makes it ultra-nourishing and smooth to apply.

Organic Benefits for color

First, let’s listing the immediate benefits of selecting the Organic color line:

No Harsh Fumes, No Costly Extra Steps, 100% Non-Diverted Color Line. Healthier Results, Better Salon Experience, Reduced Risk for Allergies, Healthier Salon Atmosphere, Certified Cruelty-Free and Vegan, Sustainable Packaging and Manufacturing Methods

All via this assessment of Oway’s herbal color logo, we’ll be increasing upon the above benefits, and why it’s so uncommon to discover a professional color line that satisfies all of these guidelines.

Adverse outcomes for color

Coloring involves the use of chemical substances capable of removing, replacing, and/or overlaying up pigments evidently located within the hair shaft. Use of these chemical substances can bring about various adverse results, including temporary skin infection and allergy, breakage, pores and skin discolor and unforeseen color consequences.

Types of way

The machine utilized in color hairs will rely on the coloring approach used. Here are the three crucial options available.

Weave caps

Weave caps are used whilst collectively with highlights or on the equal time as lowlighting or twilighting hair. Stylist will pull small strands of hairs via the cap and exercise color, developing a subtle change for your haircut. It works great to camouflage roots that growth lower back after using a permanent color.


Foiling’s are the manner of putting sections of the hair onto a rectangular sheet of foil. The foil is folded after the color or lightener is applied to maintain each phase separates and in location. This approach draws in the direction of the foundation than some other way.


Baliage works great with wavy, glaringly curly or textured hair. Specific areas of the hairs are determined on and hand painted with a specific color developing a totally unique and dramatic impact.

Before attempting the way of Baliage or a few different techniques, don’t forget approximately consulting a hair care expert. She can inform you if it’s the right approach to your particular type and make guidelines for what would fit you the satisfactory.

Brown Hair Color Trends For 2021

Two Tone hair trends for next summer are revolutionizing hair color trends for both men and women! There’s a new two-Tone hair style for every popular hairstyle for all ages and no age-limit, so even younger, middle-age and older women s hairstyle will dazzle when the bright sun shines. It is the latest modern hair style idea that is taking the world by storm. If you want to try out this exciting hair color trend this summer, be sure to try a cool and unique two-tone look. You can use either your natural hair color or a hair color treatment to create this cool yet vibrant two toned look.