Top 5 Workout Hairstyles

An effective workout hairstyle should keep strands out of your face and away from your neck so you can concentrate on reps without interruption from loose hairs or frizzies, while still looking stylish enough for selfies! There are numerous fashionable yet functional solutions out there!

Low Side Braid: Make an effortless statement at the gym with this low-side braid secured with an adorable elastic band for an effortless look that prevents any potential tangles or knots that often arise during exercise sessions.

High Ponytail: If you’re tired of using bobby pins and hair clips during workouts, why not try this workout-ready style instead? Perfect for short strands, this style will keep your hair out of the way while keeping sweat at bay!

High Fishtail Braid: If your ponytail doesn’t look quite how you want, opt for this high fishtail braid to up the style ante of your workout session. Easy to achieve and more defined results can be obtained when the texturizing spray is added for texture.

Ribbon Hair Ties: There’s nothing worse than finding stray hair stuck to your neck during an exercise session. To prevent this problem, ribbon hair ties are an adorable solution to secure your locks – not only are they cute but will stop the strands from getting caught and keep them looking sleek. This sophisticated yet straightforward workout hairstyle makes an excellent addition to gym sessions with friends!

French Braid: If you want something different for the gym, why not add a French braided style? It’s easy and will keep your strands out of your face while exercising!

Twisted Ponytail: This adorable twist to the classic ponytail works for all lengths and can even keep bangs at bay! Divide one side of your hair into two sections, braid with new strands added as you go, and secure at the end with a hair tie.

Cornrows: The cornrow workout hairstyle is a stylish way to keep your locks out of your face during an exercise session. Perfect for medium-length or long locks, this look can be created by braiding small sections of hair down one side of your head in two mini cornrows before making a top knot with them and securing them with hair ties.

Double Fauxhawk Twist: For an edgier style, try adding an accent braid to your top knot by creating a three-strand braid and wrapping it around your neck. This will add extra drama for working out at the gym or running outside! If you have longer hair, try the double fauxhawk twist with pancaked braids for an ultra-sleek and modern look.

Bantu Knots: Bantu knots are an acclaimed protective style with a rich legacy, perfect for natural hair of every texture and length. To get optimal results, ensure your strands are dry before applying a light coating of leave-in conditioner such as SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen