Color For Light Skin

Cool Complexion:

– Strawberry, amber, or rust shades enhance natural beauty

– Consider adding face-framing balayage highlights for a contemporary touch

Warm Skin Tones:

– Avoid gold and yellow hues

– Opt for warm blonde shades like golden copper and honey or rich caramel brown

Cool Brown:

– Ashy tones flatter any complexion

– Suitable for skin with pink or green undertones and blue/gray eyes

Warm Copper:

– Vibrant red shade with warm copper undertones complements blue eyes and light complexions

– Darker hues of copper work best for olive or tan complexions

Honey Blonde:

– Golden honey blonde shade flatters warm skin tones and brings out golden and copper undertones

– Use pre-lightener before applying the shade and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for maintenance

Dark Brown:

– Rich chocolate shade is a versatile option

– Different tones can work depending on personal preferences and complexion type

Mushroom Brown:

– Natural shade with earthy undertones

– Suitable for women with fine or thin locks

– Consider adding ash-blonde highlights or lowlights for contrast and dimension