Different Ways to Part Your Hair

Though you can ‘train’ your hair to part in different places using products like hairspray, it’s usually easiest to let its natural lines do the work for you. Begin with dry locks, run a comb through them and observe where your natural parting falls naturally.

hair Parting Styles for Face Shapes

Hair parting styles can also play an integral part in accentuating certain face shapes. A side or middle part can frame a squared jawline while a center part works to emphasize heart-shaped features.

Side Part

A classic side part is an effective way to add texture and depth to any look. Just spray some hairspray over it to secure it and lock in your style! Deep side parts are another popular method for adding volume to any style, as seen on celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Megan Thee Stallion. To create a deeper side part, brush all of your hair backward, remove knots or tangles, and place the tail end of a comb near one eyebrow. Pull back in a straight line toward the center of the crown. If you have bangs, pull them toward the deep side of the parting for an attractive side-swept appearance.

Middle Part

A middle part offers an eye-catching, symmetrical style that works for any face shape and adds some edge to any look. To experiment with a middle part, use your rat tail comb to create a sharp, even part. Then, move single strands from side to side until finding what looks best. Once finished, use styling products like pomade and hairspray for an elegant finish. Adding curls can also give softer textures like waves that last all day long! Blow dry using a round brush while volumizing products create volume at the roots for maximum impactful style all day long!

Center Part

A center part is an elegant style that works for most hair types and is particularly attractive when applied to straight locks. To train a new middle part, use some mousse to weight down your roots prior to blow-drying. After blow-drying, comb in an even line down the center of your head where it will become your middle part. Brush out any knots and tangles from your locks using a wide-tooth comb before applying a volumizing mousse for added lift and hold if desired. Finally, lightly mist hold hairspray over the entire look to secure its integrity and maintain its style. Those aiming for a center part can add face-framing bangs for added length or to draw attention to chiseled jawlines – similar to Zendaya.

Zig-Zag Part

While internet discussions remain divided on whether side or middle parts are in, an age-old style has quietly made a comeback: zig-zag parting. This messy technique involves using a wide-toothed comb to outline an even line across your forehead before combing your hair in a zig-zag pattern down that line starting on one side and gradually moving across. This creates an evenly spaced “zig-zag effect.” This look works for everyone of any age and is simple to incorporate into any hairstyle. Aim for a playful millennial aesthetic by pairing zig-zag parts with side braids or Dutch braids, or go bold and secure your strands into matching high ponytails for added impact.

Whatever method you choose for parting your hair, it is crucial that it suits both your face shape and makes hair easier to manage. Luckily, experts offer plenty of parting advice that may help you find your ideal match!