What hair Color Looks Best on Curly Hair?

Factors like natural hue and skin tone are integral in choosing the ideal hair color for curly locks. Luckily, there is an array of choices that complement every curl pattern.

Rich Brown Shades

Rich brown shades such as espresso and dark chocolate ideally bring out the curls in your locks while adding depth.

Warm Blonde Hues

Warm blonde hues can bring brightness into the mix for an attractive finish. Blonde highlights are an effective way to lighten curly locks without bleaching their entire mane.

Red for Dimension and Vibrance

Red is an incredible shade to add dimension and vibrance to curly locks, especially when combined with highlights.

Brown Shades for Definition

Brown shades can add depth and visual volume to curls, as they help define their wavy or spiraling nature.

Purple Highlights

Purple is a vibrant and playful shade that can brighten any hair color. Purple highlights can add some pop to your curls without overdoing it.

For optimal results, finding a shade of purple that complements your natural hair color is vital.

Darker locks may require lightening before proceeding with purple highlights at different levels throughout your strands for a multidimensional and gorgeous effect.