Cool Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long hair can be fun and flexible yet tricky to style. Check out these easy hairstyles for long hair that highlight its length while drawing attention.

Center parts

Center parts offer a stylish and contemporary style, perfect for men, with symmetrical features and easy to maintain.

Short in the Front

One of the timeless cool hairstyles for long hair is a soft center-parted fringe – also called curtain bangs – as this look flatters nearly every face shape and works exceptionally well on curly or wavy locks. To achieve this style, opt for round layers that begin short at the front and gradually lengthen towards the back, creating movement and frame without compromising density. An alternative option for thin hair that adds structure is an angled bob, shorter in the front and longer in the back. It provides more systems while adding contrast. Plus, this style looks fantastic with side-swept bangs like those seen on James Bond, Superman, Captain America, or Peaky Blinders – truly the epitome of masculine sophistication!

Long in the Back

Long hair offers you the versatility of styling it in various ways, such as an Ariana Grande-esque sleek high ponytail or low flower-bun look – both are effective ways of lengthening and slimming down your frame. An elegant yet effortless style the high ponytail with rolled bangs is an elegant yet effortless way to flatter a prominent forehead while drawing focus onto your eyes. This classic look draws out their beauty. Attracting attention with quick braids added to a high ponytail is another effective way of adding interest and femininity. This looks especially striking with naturally wavy or curly locks and will show off your face beautifully. Or pair this look with an exciting bandana banded ponytail for an adorable, girly style, which works beautifully on natural waves or curls and can even make the perfect date night look or wedding reception ensemble!

Center Part

Beauty trends often return with renewed vigor; one such trend that’s recently made waves is the center part. From sleek high ponytails to free-flowing strands, the center part look is an effortless style that works in formal and casual settings. The center part with bangs can create an elegant and romantic effect. It works exceptionally well on round and oval face shapes. Make a classic shag cut more modern by giving it a stylish makeover with a middle part and beachy waves, finishing off the look with a hat for a chic autumn look that is ideal for Sunday brunch or Friday night happy hour. Add subtle balayage highlights around your face for added dimension – this adds pops of color and creates balance in any face shape!


Surfers conjure images of Fast Times at Ridgemont High’s Jeff Spicoli or Patrick Swayze’s Bodhi from Point Break; surfing is often associated with these two characters and has created an image that surfers are all bleach-blond California space cadets who spend their lives smoking bong hits while riding waves. Truthfully, to truly live the surfing lifestyle, you must constantly adjust to tide, swell, and wind conditions. Although this lifestyle may not be for everyone, those willing to work can find great satisfaction. To pull off the surfer look with flair, keep your strands long and add texture with sea salt spray or matte pomade. This style requires minimum upkeep while looking striking on men with symmetrical features.


A braid adds an elegant and feminine touch to any look, helping soften sharp features and balance proportions. Long-haired ladies can explore various braided styles. One fun option would be creating a cute ponytail plait by tucking pieces of their hair inside each link for a summery style! Passion Twists is another popular option that has recently gained more and more traction, providing natural-wavy hair with protection from heat damage while cutting down styling time and saving you time on daily styling tasks. Low messy buns can also make for an adorable hairstyle for long locks. Combine two thin strands of hair into a loose chignon and secure it with a bow accessory for a romantic and charming finish.