Hair Color Combo Ideas

No matter if you want a subtle or dramatic makeover, numerous choices are available to you regarding hair coloring. When selecting a hue for natural results, choose one with multiple-dimensional shades for the best results.

Black and Blonde

Make a bold statement with this striking, trendy hair color that blends black and blonde hues for an irreverent, captivating style! Wear it as a blunt bob or in an updo; its striking appearance won’t go unnoticed!

Milky blond has quickly become one of the hottest blonde hues this year. Combine this trending shade with dark roots for an eye-catching, fashionable, and elegant look.

If bleaching your entire mane makes you shudder, try temporary blonde extensions in single clip-in form as an alternative option that won’t damage or alter your natural hair color or texture. Plus, various highlighting techniques are available, so you can experiment with creating whatever look you desire!

Red and Blonde

Red and blonde locks look breathtaking in all lengths, exceptionally long ones. This sophisticated coloristic solution features natural strawberry blonde roots with caramel highlights and a warm reddish tint for the ends – it is truly captivating.

This vibrant hue complements all skin complexions and can be worn in various shades; scarlet red-to-blonde balayage offers modernity and trendy chicness – ideal for fall!

Search for cool shades of blonde to complement the warm red of your shadow, such as golden blonde, honey blonde, warm rosy blonde, or strawberry blonde. If your veins show blue or purple tints, you have cool skin tones complimenting cool-toned hair colors well.

Pink and Orange

Bright pink and orange hair colors are eye-catching combinations that will turn heads. This look features some unexpected yellow tones for added drama, making this style ideal for showing your bold side! It makes a bold statement about who you are!

To achieve this look, either go full pink or do a subtle balayage resembling this photo. Dark hair begins out vibrant pink before gradually transitioning into darker orange tones before finally reaching yellow at its tips – an exceptional look on long locks! This statement piece looks gorgeous.

If you want something bolder with your orange hair color, try opting for one with coppery orange tones infused with red tones. This shade looks gorgeous on most complexions!

Black and Red

Red balayage on black hair offers you the best of both worlds: a natural-looking color that highlights your dark base while still looking striking and eye-catching. This stunning shade makes a unique statement, making it the perfect alternative to blonde when natural dark regrowth arises, or you want to avoid bleaching altogether.

Bring out the rock-n-roll edge in you with this deep ruby red hue, complete with intricate texture, for an eye-catching rock look that won’t go unnoticed. This vibrant shade looks especially striking against dark hair, whether straight or curly – no one will miss seeing you wearing this bold shade!

Those seeking a more subtle transition should choose a somber effect with lighter mahogany brown shades, which incorporate subtle tones of brown that help soften the contrast between your dark roots and lighter ends. It makes an ideal option for beginners transitioning without undertaking a complete ombre transformation.

Pink and Tangerine

Pink and orange strands make an eye-catching statement, perfect for those seeking to stand out. A tangerine hue with pink undertones complements a range of skin tones, from light, delicate skin to darker, more golden complexions.

Add a pop of mauve to tangerine for a stunning hue combination that’s dreamy and playful! Try this look on long, wavy, or straight strands to achieve this striking color-blocked effect.

Opt for something muted and dusty pink if the bright shades are too much. This hue works well against light brown hair tones while adding an accent of color. Just be sure to use shampoo and conditioner that are sulfate-free and color-safe so as to maintain healthy locks!